Upcoming PTR Class Changes 4/23


We have a few more class changes coming to the Rise of Azshara PTR. We made the initial changes and the following will be active on the PTR soon.


  • Metamorphosis
    • Health bonus 50% (from 30%)
    • Now causes Shear to generate 20 additional Pain and 1 additional Lesser Soul Fragment (was: generates 7 Pain per second).
      • Developers’ Note: This significantly increases the self-healing potential of Metamorphosis, as well as the health buffer, making it a more reliable major cooldown against all types of damage.


  • Frenzied Regeneration (Rank 3) is learned at level 85:
    • Frenzied Regeneration spends up to 30 additional Rage to immediately heal you for up to 18% additional health.
      • Note: This spell is affected by Guardian of Elune, but not affected by mastery.

Frost Death Knight

  • Runic Empowerment has a 2.0% chance to proc per Runic Power spent (from 1.5%)
  • Frost Fever’s chance to generate Runic Power increased to 30%
    • Chance now diminishes on targets beyond the first
  • Breath of Sindragosa now has double the usual chance to proc Runic Empowerment
  • Breath of Sindragosa costs 18 Runic Power/sec (from 15)
    • Developers’ Note: Frost was starved of resources too often, especially when using Breath of Sindragosa. This increases Frosts’s Rune income baseline and includes a further change that returns many extra Runes while using Breath of Sindragosa. Breath builds will now be able to fill more global cooldowns with casts of Obliterate, to make up for the lost Frost Strikes. The cost of Breath itself is increased to keep its overall duration roughly unchanged.

PTR Class and Essence Changes - May 1
Guardian Buffs on the PTR
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How about you make Mastery worth more? Its still really sad. Guardian does not have block, parry, and does not have superior healthpool. This change wont matter much.

Its not like we’re asking to get +200% Stamina, we just want extra healthpool to offset zero magic mitigation and 2 less physical mitigation tools.

(Lora) #4

Does the shear change also affect Fracture? If not this is, unfortunately, a really insignificant buff, seeing as it’s the go-to talent in pretty much every situation. The extra pain will unfortunately not do much either, as we have too much of it as it is already, and because Soul Cleave is so incredibly weak in both damage and healing, this won’t make Metamorphosis that much stronger at all.

The extra health is nice, but without buffs to Soul Cleave it could be more detrimental than beneficial at least in M+ due to the percentage based damage on affixes, during Grievous or Bursting it will be even harder to stay alive since we’ll take more damage, but not provide more healing to compensate.


Blizzard, will it let us to pull as much as warriors do?


Really thats it for class changes? I hope not…

(Ferios) #7

Guardian changes must be joke. Where is my magic mitigation? Single target damage to keep aggro? Aoe slow back? FR off GCD? Damage CD?
At least one of them?

Our armor with 1 stack iron fur same as warriors’ base armor. What about this? I can show more example. This is not “fix” and this is not what we asked.


Vengeance will still be a rubbish tank that no one wants to play. The baseline armor buff just is not enough, Give in already and extend the duration of DS or at least add an extra stack. Also please remove some of the class bloat, it arguably has to many buttons with all those sigels. Make spirit bomb baseline and remove/combine soul cleave or something (its useless in current form)

Frost DK’s get little play because of BoS talent, people hate it!. Having all your DPS basically tied down to a 3min cooldown sucks. (Especially with current raid design and RNG mechanics) Give the spec another option the other things on offer are significantly weaker so are not considered.


Disappointed with what Frost got. This won’t do much in PVP and it will still likely be at the very bottom. It will still hit like a wet noodle. Breath never was the go to talent for PVP anyways.


Frenzy Regen should be like in WoD. Druid lost Mark ability, so it’s only logical that they can have viable magic damage ‘‘counter’’. Just make FR cost 40 rage again and heal for a set % of health. Obviously it’ll need to be adjusted to not to be more powerful that Iron Fur against physical damage.


The feedback in the US forums is so negative. I am not surprised blue doesn’t comment on much in the forums.

The good news is that changes are being though of. The Meta buffs are here, The additional health is great.

I want to point out that actually are healing is ok. I do keys and on some pulls do 50-60k hps. Most pulls 30k, single target tanking 20k.

The issue with have is being able to stay alive to heal. DS issues.

If we were to get one fix then it should be having our current talents + feed the demon. it is that simple.

Meta buff is to come and I think it just needs more health. Like I said, we can heal it if we have time.

(Gremmjay) #12

where is arms warrior buff???


Why don’t you guys just quit already ? You keep proving how little you care and how little effort you’re showing to this game, it’s insane. Guess it’s time for me to cancel my sub like many thousand more will do in the coming future.


Don’t expect any, blizz keep showing they don’t give a single F about the game anymore, that’s why they never reply to forums anymore. RIP WoW