[UPDATED 2 AUGUST] Shadowlands Season 4 Content Update Notes

even though dh nerfs are not game changing not sure what is the point, its already underperforming in higher ratings. Damage is higher because dhs are playing with only one viable comb with kyrian boomi who buffs it by quite a bit. And not touch fury warriors? its still does more dmg with 40% ms.

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So can we guys got some compensation buffs for the limb nerf?

Wounds damage upped, Scourge strike, death coil, all hits 2k off cds.

Limb was all we got, now you take this away from us. DK literally had only one good season entire SL, and that is Season 3, now is gonna be Z tier once again.


??? for real? all dat time wting to not see buffs to havoc in M+? its 1 april today? 1 of the classes most played in WOW and u keep us like dat? buff havoc one for all, wrost spec in game, ppl like to play it and are quinting omg

Kinda hoped that that the m+ meta would have changed more with more classes brought up. Surv seems to be getting away with losing close to nothing. A bit confused with the “we’re trying all kinds of new things” season being so conservative on class tuning.

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It seems impossible to either quote or copy/paste parts of the page … so all I can say is thank you for finally noticing our aoe is pretty much non-existent. I suppose it’s better late than never, but quite a bit earlier in SL would’ve been nice.

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Hello everyone. We made the following clarifications to the update notes:


      • Ignore Pain’s absorption increased by 30%, and the absorption cap is now 30% of maximum Health (was twice the Ignore Pain absorb value).


      • All 3 Shadowlands Raid rewards will be available in the Great Vault via the Fated rotation. Once you slay a Fated Raid boss, their rewards will be added to the pool of available drops for the rest of the season.

Why tf you nerfed havoc? Looool


R.I.P Unholy


as a pvper, all my chars will be orc next expansion due to obvious reasons. do u have any plans to balance racials or nah

u forgot to mention havoc buff too, check in ur notes if u do not…

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Alright, seems like the meta will be the same as season 3.

Barely scraped tank changes, fat ZERO healer changes, some wrist slap nerfs to the overtuned DPS specs.

All is good in the world (of warcraft). Another season where I’ll stop pushing beyond 20’s since I’m playing the wrong spec in blizzards eyes.


The change in Destro’s 4-set doesn’t make any sense at all.

  • Chaos Bolt damage increased by 5% in PvE combat.
  • Incinerate damage increased by 20%.
  • Immolate damage increased by 20%.
  • Conflagrate damage increased by 10% in PvE combat.

I’ll take this I guess…

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Where’s the content for ‘non big 3’ players, Blizzard?


Blizzard NEED’s to stop over looking LFR Given them the Cat Mount

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Give LFR The cat mount

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  1. I don’t see anything on a new rank for legendaries. Does that mean that in S4, legendary will literally be my weakest item, compared to mythic/weekly vault items?

  2. I ROFL’d hard… 10k Flux for the flipping conduit upgrade item? Really? All this BS talk about how you “learned your lesson” about alt-unfriendliness and not gating alts behind retarded-length grinds… and now this? 2-3k would be fair in relation to catalyst conversion costs, but 10k… just plain silly.

10k is nothing at this point, I have more than enough even though I’ve done plenty of catalyst transmogs and alike for alts.

Will Grimrail Depot Nitrogg Thundertower boss get fixed in time? If 1-2 players died to his mortar strike while he’s switching to phase 2 he just float on top of his cannon and becomes untargetable. You can’t do damage, you can’t get out of combat you are stuck, so you will have to reset the dungeon from the beginning. Not even feign death or shadowmeld works to reset boss. https://imgur.com/a/rb4wpF8

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