Updated Accessibility Options for Motion Sickness

With two hotfixes we recently made to the game, the Reduce Camera Motion option now includes the following:

  • When you’re dead and a ghost in the Shadowlands, the anima strands screen visual effect will be hidden.
  • In the Maw, when you’re under the effect of the Cloak of Ve’nari or Lingering Cloak of Ve’nari, visuals on the screen edge will be hidden.

To experience the above, go to the Motion Sickness dropdown in Accessibility settings and select either Reduce Camera Motion or Keep Character Centered and Reduce Camera Motion.


I suffered from the cutting of view distance at the start of Legion, and I haven’t been able to play the same since. I found the changed-as-intended distance unplayable. I find the current 39-yard distance playable, but not for long periods.

Adding injury to injury, the devs made this same cut in Classic, where it cannot be defended as appropriate in any way.

I see no value in the devs proffered excuse for the shorter view distance. None. If they think they have some within a raid context, apply it there, and not elsewhere … and certainly not in Classic.

If you want to restore my ability to play as I used to, this fidgeting with minor settings isn’t going to do it - restore our original options for view distance.

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