[UPDATED NOV 10] Celebrate 18 Years of World of Warcraft!

[UPDATED NOV 10] Celebrate 18 Years of World of Warcraft!

The 18th-anniversary celebration of World of Warcraft is upon us! Log in to World of Warcraft between 6 November and 27 November to earn WoW’s 18th Anniversary achievement, then check your mail for a special Anniversary Gift Package.

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Here’s what we need for wow’s anniversary: Please remove all barriers of entry between alliance, and horde to play with eachother (guilds), and remove faction transfers from your shop. Just let people faction transfer with a race change.
For world pvp, introduce new factions every expansion as covenants.


I have to admit, I am always a little underwhelmed by the Anniversary Event.

It really should be a BIG event with lots to do and get involved in. It should be as big as Winter Viel or Hallows End. But as each year goes by, it just kind of feels forgotten about.

We want to celebrate this great game. But the in-game celebration is a little Meh.


Didnt blizzard said that ,now that there are less systems etc in the game ,they will focus more on events etc or im imagining things?

because this calendar events looks so outdated,theres really nothing else to do for people that allready got the mogs and the toys ,theres no social interaction,not even a gm come to town trow some firework?

indeed its meh.


It is a bad sign when even Blizzard are apathic towards World of Warcraft’s Anniversaries.


Anniversaries used to be fun like the molten core raid or the deathwing mount but now… Jesus.

The passion for anniversary is gone from the devs. These sort of days are supposed to be fun each year but now it’s just one those events again which has faded in to the background with the rest of the events.

Really underwhelming and disappointing. Shame on wow devs.


Free mount and toy from void reever boss at CoT

Also cant queue for korak.

So nothing new? Meh.


This Is One of theyr goals to finish before the 11.0

18 already, huh? :thinking:
Sooo what are you going to do tonight WoW? Wanna hang out? Here, have a drink


Cool, nothing for Classic.

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would ve awesome with out all the bugs, first off the alterac valley achiev dont give the mount, did it over two toons. then i logged main and farmed 200 time badges to make sure it wasnt a character thing. Also the way to queue for it is impossible considering korraks revenge is not showing on quick matches. maybe if you reload around 10 times, but even then its not 100% you acually queue up to it but instead the cooking brawl. but if you ignore the failures the 18% rep and xp buff is awesome.


The Classic community thinks that they want to celebrate too, but they don’t.

Chill out , its US game after all, u gotta wait till its 21 with that drink unless u wanna go to jail.

But hey, feel free to go to war , 18 is enough for that


Not on the Virgin Islands :eyes:
There is still hope


don`t care about classic, that have their own count.

We classic players demand we are included in the anniversary ! Is this to much asking to get an in game mail and a re usable 18% experience buff until the end of the event ?

The fact it is a remake of woltk and wow vanilla is no excuse to exclude us !!! We’re paying , we deserves equal treatment !

We aren’t asking for a mount or toys or the moon ! Just an in game mail and re usable experience buff !

We’re paying a subscription like other players, we want to be taken into account and share the celebration on wotlk classic and wow classic and not just share the duty and subscription fee or having to play wow retail to celebrate it and those of the classic community that don’t want to use it won’t be forced anyway !!!

Like it or not we’re also a part of the wow community - Rain


ZZZzzZZZZzzzz yep ZZZzzZZZZzzzz.

so here i go again. After logging on today i was hoping the stormpike battle ram wpuld be in my inventory, but alas it was not. been tryingg to find out how, where and who to talk and get it from. also made ticket about it the day i got it but with a 39 day aversge time i guess its not going to happen. Considering i mainly play this game because i love the collecting and farming achivs aspect of it, this is a huge bummer. please someone at blizz reply or fix this for us.


I spoke to a GM last year when I didn’t get the mount.
I was told it had been removed from the achievement and the description was a bug.

I notice this year that the achievement has had the mounts removed, but Mount Journal and this blog still state that the mounts are from Alterac Valley Of Olde.