[UPDATED NOV 15] Dragonflight Pre-Expansion Phase 2 Update Notes—Now Live!

[UPDATED NOV 15] Dragonflight Pre-Expansion Phase 2 Update Notes—Now Live!

The Dragonflight Pre-Expansion Phase 2 update is live!

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Finally! thought you should have released all at once imo :confused:


Have to admit as someone who initally did want to main evoker. I now question if i will rly play one after suiting up other characters etc etc.

Feels like reputting the effort in now to do it again seems like a chore.

any info on the stutters in dragonflight client?

i had to update my Chipset drivers for my nic to stop them

Looking forward to it :+1:t2:

Please please have done some work on the evoker. After playing it in the beta and reading every single feedback on both EU and US forums, with no input or comments from Blues… its not in a good place right now for Devastation.

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Resto shaman 15% increase in Riptide in PvP - If only this was enough lmao. Currently lowest throughput of all healing specs in arena but ok sure, that’ll do i guess kekw

Do you need DF xpac to play this part of the pre-patch or SL is still ok?

Df for evokers

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You need Dragonflight to play Drakthyr Evocers and their starting zone. Not sure about Uldaman dungeon. The rest comes with the sub.

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Removed the ability for players who have not started Threads of Fate to access the system.
Does this mean that if in the future want to do Shadowlands on alts they have to do the maw walk and covenant intro???

Announce Mark of Honour mog vendors for SL

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Just avoid sl as never existed.


I swear blizzard quality nowadays the worst! I participated in all pre-patches in each expension. This is worst one and no one cares.
They have TASKS in Jira and no one can change their sprint!
0 communication with community. Just ask ppl do they really want to play with legendariess in pvp???

Does Phase 2 include the option to toggle the old UI back on?

Greetings! Do you need the expansion preordered or is there any other requirement (e.g. lvl 60) to be able to join the pre-release quest chain?

You only need DF preordered if you want to play the Evoker class- otherwise SL allows you to play the prepatch

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Thank you.

*Increased all damage dealt by 10%.

Where is the 10%? Are you sure you have increased, not decreased, the damage? Some abilities began to cause even less damage.