Upgrade Your Account Security and Gain a Backpack Upgrade

Upgrade Your Account Security and Gain a Backpack Upgrade

Hold more stuff — and secure your account — by adding Blizzard SMS Protect to your account along with your Blizzard Authenticator or Blizzard Mobile Authenticator app. Read on to learn more.

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Sometimes I wish the bots in Classic were as poor as Blizzard’s posting bot.


Maybe they don’t fight bots because they wanna learn from them first

*Core Hound Pup and extra bag slots not available in World of Warcraft Classic.

Ok so why its on this forum? Reported


Tell em how it is kork. You’re 100% right.

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If blizz was a warlock with 100% crit and also the animal hippo. They would be Hippocrit


stop this blizz you clowns

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Actually you are mad on company you pay for because they advertise additional security on their own forums you all pay for seems CLassic people have lost things to go mad on and find anything to go mad for.

lol, what is this nonsense?
if it doesn’t apply to classic, why post it here?

You should know reporting bots to blizzard is pointless.

You LIKED the post and you only talk about retail. Maybe visit that place??? The retail forums???

As in click the button heart like

Back to retail forums with you trollerino.

It’s classic forum, stop posting this irrelevant shiet here.

It still apply to Classic. This post is about the systems that Blizzard have to improve the security of your account and they think you should use it. Yes, there is a reward for using it and that reward is excluded in Classic, but the risk for your account and the account protection is global. It apply to all Blizzard, including Classic.

You focus so much on the bagpack reward that you don’t focus on what’s really important, account security. Now if you still belive it tell me that account security does not belong in Classic.

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