Upgrade Your Account Security with the Battle.net Authenticator

Upgrade Your Account Security with the Battle.net Authenticator

Secure your account by adding the Battle.net Authenticator—now available with the Battle.net App— along with Battle.net Phone Notifications to your account. By adding both to your account, you’ll also unlock four extra bag slots —account-wide—in each character’s main backpack in World of Warcraft.

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Just switched my authenticator to the BNET app now. I worry what could happen in the future if the current Authenticator app is removed from the app stores and I did not switch over in time. The article doesn’t say if the old app will continue working or not after its removal. Best to do this as soon as possible if you haven’t already just to be safe.

Still supporting the physical authenticator?

I still use mine from way back when they where new. Still works just fine

From the article on wowhead I was expecting this to be something else. I must have got the wrong end of the stick :laughing:

I did have one of those keyfob authenticators but eventually it stopped working and when I got a smart phone I swapped to the app. It’s easier because I don’t actually have to put a number in. I just say yes.

Ah don’t worry about stuff like that. The battle.net app looks very well-designed though and these forums are integrated in the app aswell

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im not a data mine so i wont use this and be safe from mining

So, ive got the authenticator app on my phone, do i remove that and get the bnet app on my phone instead?

I do not recommend using it, if you have more than one account (e.g. EU and US).

It cannot handle multiple regions, and the lockout clownfiesta begins.

Stay clear of it.

I did this while in my cups last year. was surprisingly easy. Went to log on the next day having forgotten I’d done it but still it worked easily enough.
The bag slots and pet were good too…

Can anyone please confirm, are these extra bag slots on top of the ones you get from having 2-step authentication active… or is it just worded to suggest that’s the case so that we activate the phone set-up too?

Its the same four

Thanks very much!

You know its a good idea to have both anyway right

I already do have a number tied to my account too, yeah =)

I read it a few times and was somewhat hopeful that four more bag slots were available by doing it through the battlenet mobile app, which I haven’t bothered with before.

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