Upper Karazhan

So i have a problem with Wrathguard Flamebringer (the mob before Mediv). It is not even a fortified week and I find killing it to be really hard on a level 15.
What is your experience with it people? I am ready for some tips.

The best solution for this is to skip it with invis pots. It’s what we did, and it was a very common practice to do this in Legion aswell.

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If you skip it. When you kill medihv will you spawn after the boss room?
Just so I know. The boss followed me round today. It just chased me down haha

Thanks. This enemy was annoying me. It was following me round as a healer and I couldn’t drop it. Is that a bug?

As mentioned above, just skip it.
Also not worth the %, you can get that from so many other adds :slight_smile:

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