Various Boosts, Trades | Feedback thread

(Vibrain) #82
Nice and fast trade (chosen mythic box).

(Skywish) #83
I bought the testament of the valorous from him (chosen mythic box). A very nice and honest seller. I would recommend others doing business with him too.

(Anbus) #84
full hc antorus, went good and even got some free !@#$%^-*!@ :)

(Zakuhai) #85
Just finished my second boost with this great group, again everything was perfectly smooth and fast. :)

(Necro) #86
I bought testament of the valorous. Was very friendly and awesome seller. I can recommend! Cheers

(Anbus) #87
2nd boost, +15 this time, and again great

(Mønkgød) #88
Simple and straightforward guy to deal with, trade went smooth and quick! 10/10 would recommend.

(Wheresmykey) #89
Fast and smooth boost, would highly recommend - 10/10.

(Norla) #90
Bought boost for Vial of green goo toy, thx.
5/5 would recommend

(Suwe) #91
I bought Testament of the Valorous from this guy, very proffesional would recommend 10/10 x)

(Stormjab) #92
Bought a Testament of the Valorous set off of him. Even gave me a discount. 10/10 would buy again

(Hennesey) #93
Got a mount yday from this man, took around 10 min from contacting this man to getting the mount in question, will most definitely contact him again!

(Siche) #94
Bought a boost for mythic Argus with the mount just moments ago, was a very nice and smooth kill for a cheaper price than anyone else I could find. The guy himself is also nice and takes good care of his customers :P

(Wrogn) #95
Got me a spot for Argus mythic earlier than i expected. Fast, safe and trustworthy. The whole thing was done very quickly.

(Axial) #96
Fast and smooth trade. Great pleasure trading with this guy. Would always recommend.

(Kawahara) #97
Everything went well.

(Zakuhai) #98
Just got my third boost from this guy, everything went well as allways. :)

(Warlokwald) #99
Thanks for a flawless boost, very happy. :)

(Yron) #100
Thanks for this Argus mythic boost, smooth trade and trustworthy.
Ur'zul is mine thanks to this guy :)

(Krukkiqt) #101
+1 can vouch for this service. So clean, and they carry you through it all, smooth and fast. Took 30 mins from start to finish, bought Chosen run. :)