Various Boosts, Trades | Feedback thread


This dude is real GUCCI … he boosted me first and then i payed him! I even gave him extra bcs he is a real deal ! Love you bro<3


Very friendly, and fair prices!


Bought Frightened Kodo boost, super great service. Took less than 15 mins to get it, got very lucky. Really recommend to get boosted by them


I bought a mount, was quite quick and good service! + it was quiet cheap cuz it was late in the evening. I even told the guy i was scammed once so i werent willing to pay the full amount at once, and he completly understood. (i didnt lie either)! so great service :slight_smile:


Bought a Aeonaxx kill for the [Phosphorescent Stone Drake] mount and got into the group and got the kill / mount really smoothly ! this is 100 % a trustworthy guy ! +rep !


Thank you for good service, no scam and fast delivery! Got my Aoenaxx smoothly!


Used Luka to middleman a trade for me again, he was quick, professional and trustworthy like always :slight_smile:

Thanks again!


The fella helped me in 3 minutes, took records of everything that was done, didn’t even take the fee because of the amount of the transaction.
If you’re gonna choose a middleman, choose this fella.


Got my Aeonaxx in minutes later after i found this guy! Thanks


Got my Aeonaxx mount today, they are very professional, wouldn’t mind having business with them again :):hugs:


Thanks for Aeonaxx, cheap, professional service!


I’ve farmed myself for quite a bit but the quick and easy service here has helped me complete the last of the rares


Thanks for very fast service one of the last rares i want. Couple left.
Legit player!


Just bought the Grey Riding Camel from this dude, its legit. first of i wasnt sure if it was a scam or not so i wasnt sure if i should go for it, but i did and everything worked smoothly :slight_smile: thanks for the mount!


I bought the frightend kodo, super fast and nice service! Very friendly and easy, got the mount within 1 day! Thx so much, you guys rock!
Always again!!!


Okay, First of all, I have my trust issues, and I have been scammed before, which sucks, but I saw these great folks posting About Aeonaxx. Now I’ve been camping that bastard of a dragon Since Cataclysm, cause i love purple!

Finally tonight I got my hands on This dragon for a Cheap and Fair gold Price!
Now i just need to do some farming and get myself a TLPD.

I recommend these good folks to everyone who is looking for one of the mounts they offer!

They are dedicated and positive and explain everything to you, if you’re iffy on this.

These guys are legit, and I’m extremely happy to say so!

Can’t wait to get the TLPD in a few days/weeks of gold farming :stuck_out_tongue:

(Flesk) #139

I bought a grey camel and got it a few days later. Great service!
I also paid for the kodo but found it myself in the meantime. He gave me back my money, purchase refund !
Definitely recommend.


I used this guy to help me with a hunter pet Loque’Nahak. Contacted him, and just some few hours later he got me the pet :smiley: Super service, and very good prices!


Bought a bunch of different rare mounts, was pleasantly surprised with the professionalism and speed in which the mounts got “delivered” to me. Would recommend this service to anyone ever in need of any kind of boosts, very nice guy :smiley:


I bought Magic Rooster tcg mount from this guy. Best price and fast delivery! I recommend his services.