Vault of the Incarnates Horde Hall of Fame is Now Full

The Horde Hall of Fame for Vault of the Incarnates has now been filled with the first 100 guilds to defeat Mythic Raszageth. Congratulations to all players who earned a spot in the annals of raiding history this season!

As of this post, 25 Alliance guilds have defeated Mythic Raszageth, leaving 75 available spots for Alliance guilds to claim their fame in history. Please note that we are aware and are working on a fix for the Hall of Fame webpage not updating recently to reflect this information.

Good luck champions!

How does this work for guilds raiding later on in the week? Is it closed now or will it close after reset?


The Hall of Fame will close with next week’s resets, so there’s still some time left for those who are close to a kill to earn the coveted Feat of Strength achievement and title. The official rankings closed with the top 100, so any Horde guilds that rank 101+ won’t be in the official ranking list.

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