Vault suggestions

Please give us a option to reroll the vault rewards.

At a cost.

Like you do 8xM20+ for 3 choice’s

Non of the choice’s fit you or upgrade or just bad like 3xhelms.

You reroll at the cost of 1 Choice so now you have 2 choice’s that can’t be the same as before.

Reroll 1 last time for 1 Choice.

You can only reroll 1 line so if you reroll raid its raid if it’s M+ it’s that or pvp.

Or is it a bad idea?. I just don’t like to get nothing usefully in vault and have to choose them tokens for socket/gold. Early in a season. Later on Whatever.

Or getting set items in M+ when already full set. A reroll option would be nice for that chance of getting a usefully upgrade that week.

But as above it comes at a cost that lower your choice’s