VDH: Please convert souls into combo points

I see this is being discussed in Demon Hunter’s discord and people think you don’t want it, but I bet many people would like it this way:
It prevents issues with auto-consuming while you kite or just stand on a bridge, by a wall.
It gives you initial burst when you go into a pack (considering Spirit Bomb will be go-to talent in Shadowlands).

To satisfy all players it could be added as a glyph (a symbol) to turn it on (or off).


Yes pls, thanks.

Would prevent weirdness and inconsistent results in certain encounters yes pls. Bosses like Drest’agath which have some odd floor geometry make souls behave very strangely and it feels like this could be avoided with the combo points system which is simple and already in the game.

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Yes pls , consuming a fragment when you need to kite feels very bad

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it would be great

I would really like to see a change like this.
It feels bad getting punished for playing mechanics…i move out of a aoe/cleave/pool and at the same time loose my resource.
it would also get rid of the whole water problem and other terrain issues

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