Vega 64 and WOW - New monitor issues



I just got myself a 1440p 144hz FreeSync monitor, but I’m having issues with WoW. Every time i start in windowed fullscreen, my GPU seems to overheat and gives me a black screen. And I mean - it runs on full! I have removed Interface/WTF folders. I reinstalled Radeon drivers, and after that it works - 'till the next restart. Then it’s back to black screens etc. I must say tho. This only happens in WoW. Other games behaves perfectly. Any suggestions where to start?


if you aren’t having any problems in any other games then its probably not overheating which drivers are you using it could just be a bug have you tried a different driver?
Which Vega 64 do you have you tried undervolting? with Vega that that gives you higher clocks performance improves lowers temps and gives you lower power draw doesn’t really make much difference in WoW but most other games it can give you a nice boost best thing about this is its not even really overclocking unless you choose to overclock the HBM which is worth it but even then you can do it at lower volts than using the stock profile.


Thank you so much for the reply! I’ve been tinkering a lot with this, and sometimes when I start wow, the card sounds like it got a power virus, other times it works just fine. I have made a an overclock/undervolt profile with +50 power draw, and if I ‘force launch’ one time before I start the game, it works. Not ideal, but it works.

Btw, I used this as reference!


Not had any problems like that with mine in WoW you say other games are fine? what kind of temps are you getting when this happens?
This is a good forum thread to check out lots of useful help doesn’t let me link it unfortunately so just Google…
OCUK forums then go to the GPU forum and look for Vega 64 thread