Vengeance/ Havoc Demon Hunter looking for a new home :)


Hello dear Sir or Madam,

as you’ve stumbled through the Recruitment Entrys you should have noticed my search for a new home/ guild.

A litte bit about myself:
I’m 25 years old and I started playing legion back in 2016 I guess. I was a total noob and learned everything from scratch, pugged myself through Antorus and then went straight into BFA. As BFA progressed my current Guild did not, splitted and I joined a friends Guild.

Now we’re here, standing in front of Za’qul, the Tanks are killing each other, the whole Raid is unprepared and nobody even talks in the discord and trys to make the best of it by making some jokes.

So if you’re still reading this here is your thank you card and I will come to the point where you and your Guild may be a better option.

If you and your Guild is taking them self serious and don’t want to chill and have fun in discord, you’re maybe the wrong guild. If you laugh about stupid jokes again and again you maybe the right Guild for me. If you are looking for a new Demon Hunter in your Guild that can Tank and play damage dealer( currently I’m more into tanking) you can add me. Even though I’m an laid back guy too I’m looking to get the best out of my class and try to push some keys to higher levels than 14 :). The Goal for each Raid is HC Clear but we can start at Normal if your Raid isn’t ready yet. I can also help Building up something new :).

So if you want to talk about Illidan the Lord and Savior you can add me on Battlenet or on discord.

Battlenet ID : notyourfault#21908
Discord: itsnotyourfaultboy#2103

Primarly looking for a tank spot :)!

PS.: A Server Trans is no problem :slight_smile: Currently I’m prefering Silvermoon (Big Moon Moon) or Argent Dawn ( currently Playing on an rp realm, which is nearly dead but i like the athmosphere :smiley: )

PSs: If you want you can check me out on Raider,io Char: Vandhel-Die Aldor

(Guilin) #2

goodmorning there!

I will gracefully accept your thank you card :slight_smile:
We are The Many Few on the server ravencrest.
We are a bunch of fun people from all over Europe.
We hang out on discord together, laugh our brains out during raid, do keys together and raid twice a week.

We are currently progressing into mythic after beating that nasty fish woman on heroic.

I have added you on and hopefully catch you soon so we can have a chat.

My bnet is gunsailer#2789

Cheers and talk to you soon


Hey there Vandhel,

Call of the Void is an Alliance guild based on the highly populated server of Silvermoon, we are a friendly and mature guild who like to enjoy the game and the people whom we raid with. We were formed at the time that Nighthold was the current raid and since then we cleared all heroic content with adequate comfort.

We are a fairly laid back guild however when it comes to it we want to progress and so will focus and push for the kill. In a raid environment there is always a bit of chatter as we like to have happy raiders that are at the same time, focused on killing the bosses at hand - this is the key to our success. Therefore, there is no bad atmosphere during our raids, but instead, a relaxed, calm and focused environment.

Current progress:

  • Crucible of Storms (2/2 Heroic, 2/2 Normal)
  • Dazar’Alor (9/9 Heroic, 9/9 Normal)
  • Uldir (8/8 Heroic, 8/8 Normal)
  • Eternal Palace (8/8 Heroic, 8/8 Normal)

Our raiding schedule is:

  • Monday 20:00 - 23:00
  • Tuesday 20:00 - 23:00

If you think you are interested in what we have to offer and if you also think we may be interested in you, please do not hesitate to add my battle-tag or discord.

Agni#0141 - Discord
Agni#2366 - Bnet tag