Versatile player LF 9.2 HC guild!

Hello, I’m looking for a guild to raid with in 9.2. i am currently playing vengeance DH but my main is a holy paladin.

I have healed in a mythic raiding team back in 9.0 but i left the raiding team after we killed Inerva because mythic raiding simply isnt for me. I’m looking for a HC guild!

I will happily play any class and role as i have most of them in level 60 anyway.

Hiya! Didn’t find any contact details for you so thought I’d post here :slight_smile: Check our guild page a few posts below yours and see if we’re what you’re after!


I’d like to show you my post on our guild! Maybe it sutis?

Drop me a message if it interests you :slight_smile:

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