Very new player looking for guild (Doomhammer)


Hi guys,

I’m very new to WoW and still very much learning the game. Looking for a guild who can give me game advice (I am the ultimate newbie) and would also like to do Dungeons and when I’m a high enough level, raids. I have discord also.


Hey there! If you’re up for rerolling on Magtheridon server (horde side) we have a fun, friendly guild with lots of lovely people who are happy to help :slight_smile:

We raid, do M+ dungeons and fun social events together.

Hit me up on Discord (Tea003#8087) if you’d like more info! :slight_smile:


Dont listen to that goblin, stick with your fellow elf buddies! Come join your fellow elf on Magtheridon. (Horde)

(I’m a returning player as well, looking for a group of players to play with.)

Add me up on B-Net if you wish. #Epichris2608


(we also have lots of elves in our guild :grin:)

@Kelorian And if you’re looking for a home on Magtheridon where you can hang out with some friendly people (elves, goblins, massive cow people etc…) Do some M+, raid, take part in some fun social events, show off your elf in epic transmog then our guild is for you too! :blush:


So many people already saying that they want you in the guild!

All I want to advice you is that you Should pick one to have a chat with and see if you feel comfortable with that person and the atmosphere he or she says that is around in the guild! Enjoy the game!