Very nice company : RBG Arathi with 7 bots

What a very nice game, I really enjoy to play with 7/15 bots against full Russian premade.

1500 / 0

My winrate the 3 last days : 6%.

Maybe it’s time for me to stop giving money for this ?


The bot situation is wrath is embarrassing. Every BG I join, I need to report at least 2-3 bots but they are never ending. 7/15 in a single BG is just a slap in the face though.

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This is what you get when your players abuse PvE race on a BG to the point, when they just put bot instead of themselves to do the job and the Ru team plays PvP as everyone on BG should.

4 rogues with 9k health + 3 DK full BoE ilvl 200…

Are you one of those guys that call “let them win” after their team loses the BS fight? :smiley:

I notice that people complaining about low win rate tend to surrender early in the game and ruin their team’s morale. Which usually leads to a series of quick losses that lowers your win rate.

But yeah, bots are rampant again. You just need to persevere and keep queuing until you get on a team with very few bots or the opposite team gets loads of them :frowning:

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I’m this guy joining BGs only to win, and die 10 times /bg because I’m playing with bots or “let them win guy”, so wdym ?

Same with me, 20% winrate coz of bots (also if you see Russians from one server its because there is only one popular wotlk server so its not a premade) I played allot on Warmane pvp and i can clearly say that Private servers made better Wintergrasp and BG’S, i never had so much fun on bg’s like i had it on Private servers and back in MOP when it was fun to play. Modern pvp in WOTLK became like a smartphone game, where you fight with bots against bots (like COD Mobile, Pubg etc)

Does it mean there is NO russian premade ? :slight_smile:

They have a very good matchmaking then : everyone 5k GS with 2 hpal, 1 dpriest, 1 rdrood, 3 war 3 dk 3 elem KEKW

only way to stop botting is forcing people to use 2FA but i don’t think that’s gonna happen

I swear to you, the Russians don’t play the premade now. It’s random players from one server with good communication between them. Just use ingame chat, map and reports a-la “BS 5 / Stable + 1 / rush bs now. All”.

And yeah… 4800-5100 GS with full pvp gear or pvp gear with pve nonsets.

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Its in moments like these i REALLY miss RBG’s (rated bgs).

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The team selection system is such that if you stand as a group in the BG, the same groups are selected against you, and the queue can last for half an hour.
So, premades are collected only for certain achievements. For example, 50 kills in the Alterac boss room. Or to win 1600-0. When playing a random BG on the Flamegor, it makes no sense to do a premade, because, I repeat, the waiting time for the same “groups” is very long.
Well, the Euro-players have “learned helplessness”. As soon as they see Russian names, the mood drops, people leave BG and so on. The fact that they are better geared is yes. This is explained by a simple fact - pvp people go to play real pvp, unlike pve players who go to loot one victory for the daily.

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The low winrate is mostly due to the fact that even if not bots, most horde players are completely ungeared, only joining BGs to farm honor to get welfare epics for pve, or if not absolutely ungeared they are in full pve gear and die really fast. If you want to win as Horde you would need to play only in phase 1 or when a new battleground is released and all people rush it on their mains to get achievements. As such, I recommend not doing BGs until Isle of Conquest.

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