Veteran LF Casual/Social Guild


Hi all,

About Me:
Firstly, I’m 32, from the UK and have been playing WoW on and off (90% on) since mid-TBC. I have a full time job and a young (getting older very fast!) family

I am looking for a Guild to meet new people and for a way to spend my downtime playing the game I love with open minded people :slight_smile:

In my WoW time I’ve played a multitude of roles/classes/specs in my time and I put the needs of the group over myself :slight_smile: Loot? means nothing to me!

Looking For:

  • An inclusive group for an old guy like myself to chill out and have a few beers with
  • A Guild that, if it raids, raids from 9pm Server Time onwards
  • A group of people that cares more about the player than the character

Please feel free to add me:

Many Thanks


You’re on Alliance side? Too bad if that’s the case, because what you’re looking for sounds alot like what i’m looking for as well :smiley:


Luqqy do you have discord mate? I think you’d fit in very well with what we’re doing and would love to chat more


He chose my guild mate :slight_smile: Always interested in likeminded people, though the raid team is full to the brim at the moment but had a load of fun in our first social raid last night which is going to be quite commonplace!

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