Vigor potions?

Getting pissed off that I miss rares because there’s a branch sticking out, halting me completely, and I need 3 skyward ascends to get to the rare and it dies before I got my charges because I found out my second charge missed the platform by like 5 yards…

Nothing more frustrating than missing rares because you had to sit next to them on a lower elevation being unable to tag them.

I actually like your suggestion, i think a Vigor potion would fix alot of problems.

However, there is a trick to flying, one wich i cannot explain in english.
I rarely run out of Vigor after maxing out my dragon Glyphs.

All i can recomend is pratice, i can scale mountains wihtout running out of vigor.

And yes, i think a potion is still a good idea.

I usually don’t run out of vigor either, but trees and oddly shaped rocks seem to try change that…

Just buy some Essence of Divination from Storykeeper Ashekh in Morqut Village

Ancestral Spirits will show you on the map 2 minutes before rares spawn
Then you won’t have to race anywhere to catch rares.

Vigor potions are a decent idea tho, but they would have to be super cheap to be worth it.

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