Visions of N’Zoth: Auction House Update Preview

ya…they could say it might be more easy to fix problem under server stop/maintenance. but maybe they have a slight chance to fix it before. Or they dont wana be spammed with people anting there money now. Anyway it seems more ovies to say they try fix it under maitenance

Sold a lot of mats but haven’t received any gold from the AH since 8.3 launched. I hope I get my gold back :sob:

I don’t know if posting here changes anything, but I guess I’ll do it just in case. I’m missing gold from my auctions too.

yaah day 3 and I’m still missing gold from my auctions or my items… i dont know :frowning:

It will be kinda OFF, but…

I’ve almost lost my sanity though the laggs I have experienced today after I came home from work and did all my housework… and found out that there is no solution yet about this AH+mail system problem… and everything is buggy!

So I have started to complain about this hopeless situation to one of my friend…

Then he said "Don’t you see, old friend!! Its already begun!"

Soooo… Cheers! This is the next level gamer experience designed by Blizzard!

I believe in that devs will overcome this situation and we all gonna enjoy our adventures in Azeroth.

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they just dont care anymore :confused:

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Any change an AH fix will drop with todays reset?

nope, still bugged
i dumped a lot of consumables, hundreds of thousands of gold worth, most of them sold but no gold received

I meant, there will be another reset today 3 to 4, not the weekly one.

Edit: Kirinor here.

Still waiting for my gold, my items were obviously sold but nothing received, yesterday I took the risk to post expensive food - I have to sell while the prices are high, but don’t you dare not send my gold from it, Blizzard.

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Yup, I got the same. Started selling my big stacks of prepared stuff for the new tier to make some gold. Sold almost everything I had put on the market but no mail yet :slight_smile: And I did putted the sold stuff again on the AH :stuck_out_tongue:

Still not fixed 3 weeks after 8.3 launch…


I belive it’s becouse u can have 1/3 collected, if u had 3/3 collected i guess it works but they shoud fix this ofc so it works with 1/3 collected.

I’m still unable to post certain items without using addons. No error massage or anything.

What kind of items and do be sure to do a bug report in game too.

One of my tailoring recipe and a Felsteel Longsword.

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sorry that is wrong some pets you can have only one of and STILL they get shown to you in the AH which was NOT the case before the AH screw up…

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Really annoying that a rather simple feature like filter for uncollected does not work properly.

Still waiting for the Filter to be fixed for known pets… is this gonna be another year long bug like the missing rep tracker (thankfully fixed), i hope not. its very annoying.

Seems to be fixed now!

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