Visions of N’Zoth: Mounts, Pets, and More

Visions of N’Zoth: Mounts, Pets, and More

Visions of N’Zoth introduced a variety of new pets, mounts, and items ripe for collectors to hunt down among the twisted visions woven by the old god. We’ve highlighted some of them to point you in the right direction.

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But what if none, literally none, of those mounts appeal to me?
What then?

Can we have the mage tower open back up for a while?
Can we have MoP challenges open up back again for a while?

/puppy eyes


Given the drop chances of those and respawn timers for corresponding Rares - they do not seem too appealing.


Yes, basically they’ve made several of these mounts way too hard to obtain for what they are; recolors of old mounts.

Their reward balance is out of whack with these mounts.

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Imagine having zan tien lasso since day 2 of this patch and still never saw the actual rare xD


I have 3 of those on 3 characters, yet never seen the rare despite doing all assaults every week with 8 characters :disappointed_relieved:


This is an issue with mounts as rewards - there’s just too many, and they’re the type of thing where when you find your favorite one, you can ignore the other 800 ones. I want 2 mounts that I don’t have - the Antoran Charhound and the King’s Rest raptor… once I get those, I’m done with mounts forever. :frowning:

maybe it they werent so boring people would do them

maybe if they werent so idioticly timegated people would run them

i have solution - cut vessel cost to 2k currency - multiply mementos gains inside x3 or x4 and people will run them

because as of now they are making people physicaly sick from how boring and gated they are


this plus people have like 400 + other mounts.

same with pets.

mounts are boring - put in more fun things like armour sets and weapons transmogs - just really cool ones then maybe people will start doing it.

Any reward type will lose its appeal when there’s such giant inflation of its supply. If they released 30 new transmogs, we’d be happy now… when they start adding them in every patch, transmog will lose its appeal as a reward too.

Biiiig true! Farming coalescing visions is really tedious and on top of that it’d be nice if you’d increase amount of HIGH ilvl corruptions you can get from visions. Most guilds downed or are close to downing N’zoth and at this stage of 8.3 patch we wanna gear up alts and do mythic pugs and whatnot on new toons. Corruptions are really hard to obtain so in my case I started gearing DH cause all I need is basically Twilight Devastation and 2 raden weapons which is much easier to obtain than lets say 8 masterful pieces on mages.

Corruptions are the biggest feature of this patch and you added bunch of useless ones that are always a disappointment if you get them. Please for the love of god give us more corruptions. I like how you changed your attitude towards the game so it’d be really nice if we could actually have fun while playing with corruptions we want.

The stronger my toon is = the more I want to play it
4 months of disappointment in weekly chests = frustration and less time played

have a nice day everyone

Well, for me personally; If they add a really cool looking NEW mount; I’m still psyched for it. Even though I probably wouldn’t use it a lot if it doesn’t fit my character’s fantasy.

But these mounts… Most of them are just recolors.
Then again; a lot in 8.3 is re-used content, so I suppose it fits ‘the theme’.

But stuff like the Ivory Cloud Serpent for instance… I’m not going to jump through all those hoops just for a recolor of a mount that I don’t use in the first place.

Yeah that’s great but I’m not going to bother with them.

Low drop rate + timegating + cheap reskins is not worth it imo. I’d rather sit on a mailbox and dance naked.

You’re about 3 and a half months late with this.


I want the 2 vulture mounts and one i have to camp a respawn for an hour with an insanely low droprate to boot.

Riveting gameplay.


I get bored of my mount every 6 months.
I’ve not changed my transmog (old character obviously) for over 2 years.

New mounts suit me a lot better than new transmog

Can I ask, who had the complete IDIOTIC idea of putting ALL 4 rares that drop a mount in a single version of the Vale Assault? and NO mount drops at all in the other 2 versions???

It just makes us wait weeks on end to get the right version and then all of a sudden you have to camp all 4 rares every day for that small period the correct assault is active.

Why not spread the mounts out to various assaults so all assaults have a mount to try and get in the Vale?

For me this is a complete idiotic oversight that makes getting these mounts even more crap on top of the very small rng drop chance.

This is NOT fun game design blizzard.

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Nice try Blizz, wont take the bait tho :rofl:

Only got Clutch of Ha-Li because frankly, the others are a pita to farm and I just got lucky with the one I was most interested in.

I’m all for low drop rates, but on a rotating schedule and relatively long respawn timers? Nah fam, nah.

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Bliz sorry but mounts/pets and no longer appealing rewards. There is just too many of them and thats mostly fault of you putting way too many recolors of same mounts. Eve rare and hard to get mounts are mostly worthless becouse soon or later you just put 3-4 recolors of that mount into the game anyway and nobady would recognized ,oh yeah thats that mount fot 2.8k raiting so cool".

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