Void Elf Customization Feedback

Hello, so I checked the PTR to see how the new things are like. And I’m kinda disappointed that Void Elves didn’t get the hair styles from Blood Elves, just the skin tones.

And I would like to see a Blue eye color option that High Elf NPCs in the game have like Vereesa Windrunner or Grand Magus Telestra (Blue Iris but outer part of the eye is white, in addition to glowing full blue, purple etc.)

And more customization options like glowing Void tattoos for Void Elves which would fit perfectly with their skimpy / revealing Heritage Armor. Also accessories (like arm bracelets and necklaces that are recently added for Blood Elves in the PTR), I would appreciate that if you give these options to Void Elves. I hope you are taking these feedbacks into consideration.

And there was a bug on Female Void/Blood Elf model that caused lower part of the tabards (below the waist) to look strangely darker. Thanks so much for finally fixing that bug on PTR, which means it should be fixed when the data is applied to the Live servers. :blush:


Imagine thinking that someone actually reading those forums.

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Last time i was on the PTR they had this.

WAIT forreal they’ve finally fixed the weird tabard lighting issue? Lit.

I’m guessing Void Elves are missing customization features. It seems incomplete.


I posted this topic in hopes of they would read since there’s a PTR Feedback section in the first place, if you don’t have anything contributive other than a cliche post starting with “imagine thinking” why do you bother posting at all? Your reply is just irritating and upsetting.

Also, I reported the tabard lighting bug in-game several times when it was present since Visions of N’zoth update (maybe several others also did), seeing as it’s finally fixed tells me they are actually reading/checking the bug reports.


If you talking about Void Elves they don’t have these accessory options (like arm bracelets or necklaces) unless you are talking about Blood Elves which I pointed out they already have it or if they added these options to Void Elves since I last checked the PTR?

Yeah you do seem to be correct. Strange, I could’ve sworn I previewed some of them in-game on my velf character, but maybe I’m misremembering.

I just want a black hair color for them lol. None of the hair colors look good or “gothy” on the Void skins.


I agree, even though I like the blue one I’m currently using, a dark black hair color would be a nice addition. I hope we will see more customization options in the future patches. :smiley:

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I’m forced to play Horde which i hate just because i want to play elf paladin.


Got a better one for you, Why don’t you just ask Blizz to delete Blood Elves?

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I’m all for High Elf options but a lot of what you said just seems like you want a copy paste of Blood Elves on Alliance, that is both odd and a bit ambitious.

As for PTR customisations, there shouldn’t really be any considering Blizz said they’re FOCUSING on CORE RACES to begin with. In the future they’ll work on AR, no Allied Race got more customisations than Void Elves. So chill your beans and wait your turn.


I don’t think it would really be copy paste from Blood Elves, because for Void Elves accessories would be recolored specifically for them. So it wouldn’t be gold with green gem but a more fitting one, like silver with purple gem. When the Void Elf itself is a modified version of Blood Elf models it’s not odd either to have similar customzation options from Blood Elves.

Please blizzard, if void elf get blood elfs hair…Blood elfs should get void elfs hair!! “cough’s cough’s” I’m being sarcastic


totally ok with that tbh

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I’m a little disappointed I can’t make my void elf a true high elf… The hair customization is missing :frowning: however I do think what blizzard have done is amazing… Just want the full high elven look… Plz guys… I beg you XD

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Nope. Nightborne should get night elf hair. Stop the false equivalency.

They can’t look like high elves for they were morphed by the void, hence their name.

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why not just copy paste belves to velves at this point?