Vote with your wallet

Regarding the wow token guys

Dont take this crap

Show Blizzard that enough is enough
Its time to leave in droves

Jun 4th= Sub ends


That has always been the only way to do it. Unfortunatly not very successful in Classic due to two reasons.

  1. The player base are like frogs about to get boiled, as small changes have been made along the way they often chose to ignore them with the argument that “It doesnt affect me”. That works until its too late.

  2. The Classic audiance has slowly but surely been replaces with Retailers.
    The many that wanted Classic and left Retail have been replaced with players too bad for Retails thinking they can just tryhard Classic, slowly trying to turn Classic to the very same thing they left.

Yet apperently even 2-button rotations are to hard for them, and they cry for nerfs on already easy content, blaming their average playstyle on everything but themselfs. Gear not droping, bad guilds/pugs/setup/droprate/procs and so forth is the reason they are well below average. Not that they suck.

It is what it is, it wont get better. Enjoy whatever you can while you can and be greatful we got a second go on WoW =)

Wont matter.

Whales will buy tons of tokens, if a whale buys 20 tokens a month, theyre basically qorth more then 20 individual players due to the factor wow tokens by default cost more.

Im just gonna be blunt here.
Something tells me you dont spend any IRL cash in the shop, wether it be faction change or wow token (which is perfectly fine, you shouldnt have to spend money to do well in a game).

To blizzard, everyone who spends any cash in the shop is more valueable to them than you are. Im not trying to offend here, just strictly speaking from a business PoV (which blizz is)

They are here to make money, and they make a ton of money from the wow token i reckon. Compared to you who “only” pay sub.


They ruin the entire point of CLASSIC for what? Greeeeed

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Yes, everything blizz does and have ever done is because of money:)

I personally dont see the big fuzz about wow token though. Not sure it will change much, or affect my daily “wow-life”.
I could be wrong though ofc.

They had to ruin WOTLK Classic when all they should have done is leave well alone

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Yeah, i was one of the #NoChanges crowd. Wotlk was successful for a reason.

I voted with my wallet and now i have tons of gold :heart_eyes:

Whales have much bigger wallets to vote with than regular chumps.

Nobody likes whales

A whale buying 10 tokens to get 2 BiS items for 50k gold each in a GDKP run is worth more to Blizzard than 15 of regular players cancelling their sub. Be honest, do you think there will be 15 players cancelling for each whale rubbing hands? I do not think so personally. Nobody from my 70+ active player guild so far quit over it. Or no goodbye posts anyway. Not one. I find token distasteful and I’m kind of done with wow except raid logging, and I still didn’t quit. Like it or not, Blizzard made a right call financially speaking, short term for profits and probably long therm too, to squeeze last drops of profit from Classic before it dies for good with Arthas. I always said, since Classic Vanilla, that they will add token as soon as some money man calculates they stand to gain more from it than they lose from the outrage. And I guess that time has come now that WotLK classic is petering out. You may not like it, but this is what peak capitalism lools like.

Money talks BS walks.
Nicolay is spot on with this, the entire thing was easily predictable there is no emotions no morale just good old plain greed.
They try to BS it as an effort against RMT but the truth is it will do nothing about it other than perhaps make it even worse.

Classic will indeed die with Arthas and now is the time to squeeze the last cash out of the poor ole bugger.

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It didn’t ruin retail and I would rather give real money to Blizzard than players that ruins the game with bots if I needed gold in classic WotLK?

If you want to quit that’s fine, but I would bet real money most of you who do will be back.

I remember this exact post when WoD released tokens. Most of those people came back.

At this point probably 90% of the playerbase has some involvement in RMT either buying gold or doing GDKPs so who cares about the token, classic economy was ruined by AQ40

Nice maths guys, what about for every whale 15 unsubbed players who dont even use token for buying gametime.
So in very end will whales playing with whales and bots farming them stuff? :smiley:
And since whales gearwh*r+s play for easy gear to probably show off or I dont get it, who they will show their gear to bots?
Maybe Blizzard wanna milk out everything before it ends in Microsoft’s hands.

Environmental activists loves whales!

It didnt ruin retail he says
Dont be dumb

At the end of the day those who want true classic have already left the game to be replaced by vapid “WANT IT NOW” retailers

Thanks for ruining the game i loved most

I’m out

You have to remember that all it takes is one person to buy a token and that’s 1.5 EU/1.7 UK times a months subscription.