VTK`d for killing globgrog in 58.55 seconds

I was tanking a normal plaguefall and was removed after killing the first boss. Afterwards a player in group whispered me and said next time skip the boss. Has anything like this happened to anyone else? I`m a little annoyed because there was no dialogue beforehand and it kinda goes against the spirit of the vtk feature and i lose out on the chance to get the baloon xp. Kinda puts me off tanking really.
On a second note should any bosses be skippable? it seems a bit dumb .


Was a run just for memory drop?

I have no idea. As i said, i pulled the boss and we killed it. After i was removed and told i should have skipped the boss.

There are some dungeons where you can skip bosses.

I remember just running straight for last boss in underrot for mount runs during BFA

Took me a moment to understand what VTK was supposed to be. Strange that they could even kick you that early on.

In levelling dungeons I’ve noticed most skip the first two bosses of Plaguefall because all anyone actually wants is the completion XP.

Then i might be done with pugs tbh. If i tank one and leave the boss… then i could get kicked and if i tank it… I could get kicked.
Does anyone have any ideas how to play the game?


You could do that in Freehold as well.

Communicate. Ask the group if they want the boss or not, then you can act accordingly.


I had no idea it could be skipped. The same could be said for the other players. Surely you can see this is pretty dumb


Seems a bit spiteful to kick you after the boss is killed. Like, now it’s done, move one with the dungeon…

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we have come down to a funny point where you get kicked for actually killing a boss in a dungeon, this community is getting better and better /s


Skipping was common in Blackrock Depths as well. Someone, somewhere along the lines figured out it’s better to just go for completion XP rather than actually do all the bosses. It varies from group to group what they want to do.

It’s because they are big noobs. I wouldn’t worry about it really, best thing you can do is laugh at them /ignore and move on with it.

Always gonna be players in pugs that have sucky mentality. You can try invite people to in-game voice chat, in my experience this has been alright and toxic people rarely got the balls to do their troll crap here.


blizzard are bad at design now
hence why dumb stuff like this can happen
and them putting legendary effects on the first and early bosses to encourage people to kill boss, dip out and re queue without finishing

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That could be solved by making it drop from last boss after the relevant boss has been killed.

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You should have been laughing because if you have killed the first boss then you don’t get deserter meaning they will have to wait and wait for a tank, screwwing themselves only.

Sounds like they are the stupid ones.
And I totally agree with you, why even skip bosses?
And even more why…why MAKE skippable bosses?

I can understand that some ppl want fast xp to lvl up super quickly…but just spamming dungs gives waaay less xp now than it did in BFA. You can get from 50-60 in 2-3 hours by just doing the offside Qs in each zone (if you’ve taken the Fate route that is).
Spamming dungs could take twice that time just cuz these random kicks of ppl.

Atm I dont do dungs at all, not normals, HC or myth, dont even do LFR anymore…
So much stress and rage and stupidity nowadays…

Jfc. This is why I don’t tank. If they wanna skip bosses then THEY can tank it.

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Yes it could and it’s the logical thing to do to ensure people dont ditch mid way, and you would expect blizz having 16 years of experience to understand simple nonsense like this. But they only degrade with time as the good employees leave or are fired en masse in their best fiscal year. etc.

Indeed, it’s not like we haven’t faced this issue before in dungeons.