Vulpera? Horde or Alliance? (Horde, it's Horde)

(Markovic) #75

Anyone that says Theramore was a legitimate military target has to accept that the Vulpera caravans were exactly the same. Nevertheless they will join the Horde because it’s obvious.

(Dudflex) #76

They were both legitimate targets, still doesn’t make them any less horrifying/appalling/wrong.

(Taxania) #77

Legitimate military target, yes. The way that the Vulpera problem is solved (at least from the Horde perspective) is absolutely horrifying though, just like the solution to the Theramore problem.

This isn’t about “Horde can’t say the Alliance did something bad because the Horde’s done worse stuff.”
This is about pointing out that the Alliance has committed war crimes that are really out-of-character for the Alliance, which leads me to question why the writers wrote this stuff at all.
Especially when the Alliance perspective is “the 7th Legion just wants to scare the Vulpera into not cooperating with the Horde, without harming a hair on their heads” while the Horde perspective is “the 7th Legion is going out of its way to round up and execute the Vulpera, while destroying everything that is vital to their nomadic way of life at the same time.”
It’s not even Blizzard’s typical take on grey morality. This is two separate canons depending on which faction you’re a part of.

(Dudflex) #78

It’s probably because some Alliance Players don’t like being portrayed as the evil in a situation similar to how Some americans don’t like having America be the bad guy. There are people like this on the Horde as well but they are rare because we literally have undead and spikes everywhere.


You have to note here that most of Azeroths warlocks actually banded together to fight the Legion. Saying warlocks should be by and large blocked out of something like the Seventh Legion because they command the powers of the Burning Legion is like saying Void Elves should be kept out of the Alliance because they command the void which is also considered to be bad.

(Khelissa) #80

Being a Gnome fan i can see myself being won over to playing more Horde with the Vulpera. They are cute and i like desert foxes, with their weird cute ears.
A Little OT but for Horde allied races i want undead night elves. It will be something for everyone who ever wanted to to play as a dark ranger but with the cooler less frail-looking models of the belves.

(Obilot) #81


That means I have to shift my preferred PvP killing target from male blood elf paladins with weaboo names to vulpera.

That will require some habituation.

(Elenthas) #82

Are they though

are they really?

(Aerilen) #83

'Member in vanilla when an entire tribe of tauren were wiped out for a titan shoe horn?

Old Aerilen 'members.

(Taxania) #84

For how Blizzard seems to want to portray the Alliance during this expansion, yes. I mean, we can argue about the semantics all we like, but it’s pretty obvious that Blizzard wants the Alliance to be seen as the good guys battling against a great villain while the Horde’s split between serving a monstrous tyrant and trying to be honourable warriors.
The end of the 8.0 Alliance War Campaign and the conversation after the Battle of Dazar’alor are meant to inform us that the Alliance is fighting with honour, unlike the Horde. It seems to me that this is what Blizzard wants us to think.
But extermination a nomadic people because they dared to transport supplies for the Horde and slaughtering civilians en-masse on multiple occasions goes against that.

The only part that Blizzard is succeeding at, is making Sylvanas look evil.
Any efforts to make the likes of Saurfang and Baine look honourable are hindered by how Blizzard’s having them go about it.
Any attempts to make the Alliance seem like pristine good guys are sabotaged by their war-crimes.
Everyone’s left looking like a hypocrite with no integrity except for the openly evil Sylvanas, and I don’t think that’s what Blizzard wants the narrative to look like.

BFA is badly written, who would’ve thought?

(Obilot) #85

But maybe that is the idea.

That war is hypocrisy, and that Azeroth has gotten very cynical and more extreme.

(Taxania) #86

It would be great if that’s what Blizzard wanted us to think and feel, but I really don’t think it is. All of these Saurfang cinematics we’ve been shown and every time we see Anduin in BFA seem to indicate that they want the Alliance to be seen as good, and the Horde to be seen as tainted by the evil of Sylvanas and in need of saving.

They’ve genuinely succeeded at a morally grey storyline at this point, where the nobility of the Alliance feels like a flimsy facade, almost as hollow as the Horde’s honour. But I don’t think that they meant to do that, despite all of their bragging about ‘morally grey.’ That was a publicity stunt and this is clearly meant to be another cut-and-dry, black-and-white typical Warcraft story.

(Darianuth) #87

This is more or less my issue with it as well.

Sure if you dig you can find examples of where the Alliance has been morally dubious. But their broad portrayal in the narrative is “Alliance goodies, Horde baddies with some rebel goodies”. It’s what the leading writers clearly want to portray in the overall story. They beat you over the head with it at every turn. Now with more sad orc cinematics. Where are the cutscenes where Anduin agonises over the actions of Alliance soldiers during the war? Or worrying about what Tyrande and Genn are going to do when he’s not able to keep them in check?

While quest and NPC writers may have some ideas on making the Alliance hypocrites (Such as in Voldun and the Vulpera), it’s incredibly obvious that the lead writers simply do not care to explore the possibility of the Alliance being hypocrites or struggling to keep their own soldiers in check. Every time they do anything dubious, it’s either never brought up, pushed under the rug and forgotten about, or something just as meaningless for the long term.

Even if Vulpera get pushed to join the Horde as a consequence to the Alliance’s poor conduct, I don’t expect it to have any significant impact or consequence beyond that. I very much doubt the race would ever get any spotlight to show how them joining the Horde suddenly tipped the balance of war. They’ll join the many other races that aren’t humans, orcs, trolls or some kind of elf in being entirely forgotten about. And as a result, the Alliance continues to be portrayed as seemingly infalliable and not producing significant response to anything dubious it might do.

(Levey) #88

Horde gets Vulpera, Alliance gets another bloody horse.


Can’t be more forgotten about than Pandaren yeet

(Dudflex) #90

I can see one:

The Alliance don’t get Alpaca/llama mounts
I bet Anduin is screaming in anger at not getting some fluffy Alpaca bois.

(Darianuth) #91

Absolutely seething.



Vulpera look cool … I think it would be nice if they join the Horde . Vol’dun it’s my favourite zone to lvl. I found Vulpera’s story interesting and involving.
But there is coming the question … If the Vulpera joins the Horde wich race would join the Alliance … Mecha Gnomes?

(Dudflex) #93

Mecha Gnomes or they will left field us and give us something unexpected like the fish dudes.


I hope not … If it has to be Fish I prefer the Naga -.- But Naga would fit the Horde better …
Broken would be the best choice ^^