Wait, what? 375 from weekly conquest cap?


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So we need to wait to week 10 to get ilvl 400 gear, and alliance are getting one piece pr week , right of the bat ??

i call bs


It does indeed suck not to get a 400 item as you say, but you can get to the 400 item via CP faster than 10 weeks, if you feel like grinding though more than 500 cp per week?


This gearing system is very good at making people rage quit wow. You know the person who invented it needs serious medical assistance at replacing brain asap.
If you have any troubles finding brain donor please let us know, we will advise a trusted person with perfectly working and non damaged brain:)

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the Quartermaster’s Coin doesn’t seem to work as intended as it gives a sigil to update ur gladiator piece instead of a warlord trophy, making it cmpletely useless…


This is all good feedback that I’ve passed along. Thanks!

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“This is all good feedback that I’ve passed along. Thanks”

are you for real?
things like this have been stated countless for months, and…
im speechless, really.

but good thing this will be taken care off shortly then :slight_smile:
dont forget the pvp vendors while u are at it.


Just reading all this gives me a headache. Everything in this game is so complicated now. How on earth are you supposed to approach all this if you’re a new player?


There are plenty feedback like this on pvp forums.
In few words The main problem is you cannot get gear for pvp by playing pvp. People who enjoy only pvp are forced into playing island expeditions, emissary and warfronts quests and also raids just to get better gear for pvp. This is very bad gearing system and is the main reason people rage quite wow. You need to fix that asap.


unsub and play something else. at the moment wow is in very bad state, In legion i enjoyed this game, now i cannot play. everything is overcomplicated and not working properly.


Thank you for that, it would mean a lot to pvp community to fix this gearing system, or at least to make it less of a RNG chore.

Ofc many of problems of this systems were pointed out by community since first season. But its good to see that somebody finally passed something of a sort to devs(and informed us about it) that gives a feeling that somebody is actually listening to community. Again thx for that.

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Still bad, last time I didnt complete the conquest because of 7 in a row not giving any upgrades, if 7 bars with no upgrade isnt enough of an incentive then 10 coins is basically like nothing is changing

Before I used to Just buy the Gear I want and when I was complete I continued to pvp with my newly acquired Gear, now getting the gear can take multiple conquest bars for items you dont even need or worse, dont even want

WoD had the best pvp gearing system imo, along with ilvl scaling up in instanced pvp

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I play random BGs of 2 major reasons and 1 minor reason. 40% fun, 40% gear earned through CQs, and 20% honor farm for the mounts. I hit the hard cap last night.

From this week the CQ cap turned from soft to hard. So no more intensive CQ farming once you have hit the first 500 CQs.
The daily assaults was a part of my CQ farming and even with the up and coming nerf to ally in mind, it is a ganking fest especially if the assault is in the wrong zone.
I can live with that. It’s a part of this expansion’s odd storyline.

But as we now have a hard CQ cap, where can I find the motivation to keep warmode enabled 7/24 until the next reset?
Why should I do more BGs once I have hit the hard cap after the first 2-3 days after reset?

On the sunny side… I now have time to level alts and do stuff like mount-farm which I have delayed due to the intensive and time-consuming CQ farm. :heart: :slight_smile:

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Why though ? 375 is lower than Normal BfD and hardly better than Heroic Uldir lmao.

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You mean since Legion ? Also this bullcrap “thanks for the feedback I sent it to the devs” we’ve been hearing for almost 15 years now. They do listen when what people want can fit in their agenda. PvP vendors do not as they want to keep up with that “casino slot machine”-like reward system because it’s what theorically keeps you subbed cause you really want to complete that set. Easy as that.

If they implement PvP vendors they’ll have to deal with the massive outrage of PvE players that are going to ask for LK/Cata badge vendors instead of pure trash personal loot RNG and bonus roll tokens. And hell they’d be right to do so.


Is this a funny joke that I’m not getting? Turning WM OFF since there is no reason now to keep it on TY.

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Weapon for Surviving hunters while I’m playing on BM. Nice…


You cannot grind more then 500 cp per week, the bar greys out and prevent further progress after your first reward :joy:

Edit: so as an solo PvP player, there isent really any motivation to play pvp after the first 2-3 days after weekly reset…


Not quite true actually. Well, I started BfA in end of Sept to start of October, and I believe Blizz had some sort of catch up in play, if not a bug.

On all four of my 120s, I could keep grinding CP past the 500 limit. Some weeks I got 2 items and had started into another bar of CP :rofl:

A friend of mine could do exactly the same. On her main which she started at start of BfA, grey bar. On her alt which she started well after the beginning of xpac, the multi grind.

Now in season 2, all my guys have the grey bar of wtf. So ofc I made the post based on my experience. I have three other characters I am levelling, all under 110 so will see if same holds true later.

And btw the way the motivation ‘could’ be the fun of playing PVP. If you are CP focussed then no, I guess not. Different people play for different reasons :grinning:


Have a job IRL and the 500 CP bar gets hard to fill in 7 days lmao.