Want a new main but dont have the time

Its really disappointing and frustrating trying to switch mains at this point of the xpac, i love my shaman but whenever i play one of my ult (possibly main it because i have more fun) i feel the need to start all over on essences grind and all that so i just take a deep breath and say “you are stuck with shaman for more 8 months”. The eventually i log out.

So is there a way to not feel frustrated trying to main a new class?

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Level one now during the anniversary event, get the xp potions from some island expeditions and do the AV event.
I’ve gotten from 88 to 111 in less than a day, and the event will last over christmas.
Or wait for Shadowlands when the lvl experience will be redone, and hopefully more fun along the way :slight_smile:
Either way, hope you find something fun for you :slight_smile:

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lol…there’s something not quite right with your decision making if you decided to suffer for 8 months because you don’t do something that takes one month.
And one month is all 3 purple. For something to be playable you need just blue, which is less time.

Well im not 24/7 i play for total of 5-8 hours a week so it would probably take more than a month but thanks for your feedback

I can understand the viewpoint here - it’s not the though of doing it, it’s the thought of doing it again As an example, many of the best essences are the same for all healers. So I’ve already farmed rank 3 and 4 on this character. And I (perhaps stupidly) also got ranks 2 and 3 on my alliance disc priest. I’ve also got a horde disc priest and, as I love playing disc, I’d love to switch to main that (since my friends and guild are horde). But the though of doing Nazjatar dailies every day for even more months? No thanks!


I hit 120 on a dh 3-4 weeks ago.
I play it once, maybe twice a week for m10, and maybe twice a week for a round of wq’s for gold/resources as it’s my only char on some server and I can’t send it nothing.

I have purple m+ essence, purple basic essence and blue nazjatar essence.

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Exactly my point, this xpac is not ult friendly at all, now i have to grind from green concentrated flame and i have to do it all over again

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Unfortunately I don’t really have any suggestions about how to switch mains without this frustration!

I’m not a min-maxer and I don’t do any very high level content, so there’s not really any need for me to have high ranks of essences. I’ve also not seen any noticeable difference in performance after getting the next rank of an essence (again, I’m not really looking at meters so others probably would notice), so logically having rank 1 or rank 3 wouldn’t really matter for a player like me.

It’s easy to get caught up in the “everyone must have this” and “everyone who’s anyone must have that”, so perhaps it’s worth thinking about whether it is really necessary (for you and the content you do) to rush through and grind, or just take things more slowly and comfortably whole playing something you enjoy more?

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I got all the essences on 4 chars on rank 3 (except raid one) and the grind does suck but really you should try to enjoy the journey and don’t mind them, I did push a bit with my Druid and Warrior but mostly I was just doing the content and got them all eventually.

I feel you, when your main have all rep Exalted, essence farmed etc, and you get bored of it is the worst thing ever.

I will probably just suck it up and have it ready for 8.3.


I can understand it too. He is kinda lazy, or at the minimum averse to doing stuff again.

Idk, I have no magic suggestion, except that I bit the bullet when the current patch came out, I did 2 weeks of naz/mech on mage and dh at the same time. I did nothing else, m+ was worthless because it was the period just before it gets harder, so I did just that on those two chars, but it was all going towards pathfinder anyway so I guess I didn’t feel it as hard.

Or if this reasoning is better: I didn’t mind grinding it, because I was working on several fronts towards advancing my chars: flying, professions, essences it all came out of those two weeks…
After a month or so I started on disc and resto druid, didn’t bother with mechagon on druid, did it on priest because I found value in the health redistribution essence. But these two chars were literally 20 minutes a day each. Aight maybe 30, but that’s together with herb farming on druid, as it is the supplier for 3 chars.

Now I have this new alliance dh that I put in really just basics of “work” because primarily I wanted the horse horde gets for completing war campaign on both factions. I played it until that point, now I just log it and don’t do much on it.


Yes, unfortunately “suck it up and try to enjoy what you can” does seem to be the best solution at the moment.

If you’re doing content anyway (e.g. running m+) then you’ll eventually get the essences from those activities. With the anniversary bonus rep, at least rep-based essences are slightly easier at the moment too, so doing some WQs each day gives you more than it did before. If the “best” essences for your class/spec/role are locked behind activities that you don’t enjoy, it’s worth considering whether it’s better to take the hit of not having them than to make yourself miserable!

I just want to say thanks, Looksmaxxed - I’ve got a horrible habit of looking at things like getting essences as a much bigger task than it really is, so thanks for reminding me that really it’s not that big of an ordeal!

If I’m completely honest, the second round of obtaining essences…was…idk…a welcome somewhat brainless daily activity after I had enough of “super serious” m+ push runs where everyone expects you to be at 110%.

Im shocked at how fast I got my alt rogue to 440 ilv and all rank 3 essences of the essences I need ! If you put the time you can do it before 8.3 hits, now is a perfect time for alts think of it this way you dont need benthics if you will start raiding in Nyalotha !

Actually the perfect thing is to farm but wait for 8.3 to hit before buying essence.

Mechangon one will be cheap af in 8.3 compared to now.

So for now suck it up for a month, play an incomplete alt and get on par as soon as 8.3 hit.

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It’s frustrating no doubt. But it takes two weeks to get rank 3 essences on a new char?

Depends on which ones really, some classes do have it easy.


Just work on whatever essences are key on the alt, a bit at a time. It’s not like you need them all :slight_smile:

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I’m pretty(.) sure the song goes “Gotta catch them all!”

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This expansion is ridiculously alt friendly.

I mean at this stage on your main you’ve done 4 lfr and 3 normal bosses and some 9’s on M+. Do you need good essences to do that level of content?