Want to get back into rp but I have too many character ideas!

It’s a problem that I’m sure a lot of people can identify with. I have so many ideas for different characters that i’d like to rp but halfway through leveling or setting up a profile another idea comes to mind and I go for that instead, and so on and so on.

The -drive- to rp is there, i just can’t decide what! Does anyone have any advice?

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Sometimes, you will just mix and match until you find a profile that will stick and you’ll stick around. But if you are finding yourself constantly doing this, one thing could be that you haven’t developed the character enough.

Which isn’t to say it is a bad idea. But if you are tossing character ideas out for the newest model, you may need to flesh out a single idea more.
Finding a guild can often help with that, allowing you to interact and build bonds with people.

Completely understandable.

Try role playing different characters and see which one “clicks” better.

I made a blood elf ranger which is done too many times, so I didn’t really feel unique. Got boring fast.

Changed that to a Dark ranger, and got bored pretty quick of the gothy attire.

I was planning on faction changing that character and playing a Night elf huntress from Ashenvale with a pet owl and saber.
but as I explored I realized the idea has been done too many times, and wanted something more unique. Maybe she would be born in Winterspring? Nooo still doesn’t feel right.

Then I took a visit to Twilight Highlands and realized the Wildhammer are actually pretty cool. I would love to play a Wildhammer hunter with a gryphon pet. Then I realized there is a grind to do in order to unlock tamable gryphon pets. I was like…. You know, I’ll just level a dwarf shaman and call it a day.

So I explored Uldum one day, and ended up in a beautiful oasis with a few humans with Arab/ Persian names there.

So I researched about these desert humans, loved their lore, and made my main part of them. They are kinda like human version of Vulpera. Very rarely do people Roleplay them, so they are just the kind of uniqueness I was searching for.

I tried role playing this character and found it very fun. People were curious about my character’s story. Why she’s traveling, etc. I even met some Bronze Dragonflight (OOC Dracthyr) so it was nice to chat about the desert in Tanaris with a race that relates.

The journey to find what I like, as you can imagine is long and tiring. Eventually you will find it, and have some alts to Roleplay if you ever get bored of your main.

Cheers :clinking_glasses:


One thing to consider is the place and surroundings you rp in. So instead of helping you I will make you even more confused, by adding in more things to consider :smiling_imp:

Having a cool character idea is not good if you end up alone in the deepest forest with no-one to play with. So when picking up toon you want to check your own priorities. What kind of rp you wanna do? Is there a community or guild to get you started? Or are you fine with casual city rp? Having a twilight cultist in a cult guild is wholly different than having a twilight cultist in military guild for example :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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One thing that used to help me out a lot was to actually not pick a character concept until after I’d settled on a gameplay main. Role play can definitely be your main form of content for the game. But you know, WoW is a game afterall. Even if it’s just casual PvP or low Mythic+ by enjoying that content on a class/race I liked I would find myself more strongly drawn to that character.

You mention that you give up halfway through leveling, which to me sounds like whatever spec/class you’re playing you’re not enjoying. Or at the very least it’s boring you so much that you can’t get to level cap.

I’d recommend you just select maybe 3-4 of your favorite character concept race/class combos, make them, and then push all thoughts of RP out of your head for a bit (Difficult I know) and try and see if you can enjoy the character from a gameplay perspective. Because trust me, if you find something that vibes with you OOC you’ll get much more out of it than playing a class you don’t enjoy.

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Yeah, this often helps if you don’t have a clear idea of who you’d like to RP, just having some motivation to log on and do some content can often give you ideas of how you’d like to RP a character. It also means you’re more likely to be online if someone says “anyone wanna do some RP?” in guild chat or a channel or something.

I have this problem too, sometimes I just end up trying to merge all ideas into one character in a cohesive way or look at your past ones and decide which element you really enjoyed from that character. I don’t know hope that helps a little I’m in the same situation at the moment too.

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