War Effort faction mats count discrepancy

Hi All,

I just recently noticed, that Horde needs to gather ca. 1 mln materials less then Alliance - rough count is around 2,4 mln for Alliance & 1,4 mln for Horde to gather.

Anyone has an idea why such a difference, especially since currently majority of the realms are Horde dominated ?

I can only think that maybe in Vanillia WoW there was on average more Alliance then Horde and the War Effort mats count has been proportionally set based to the population. And apparently it has not been adjusted to the current situation.

PS. It is not a whine, I am genuinely interested.

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The materials needed to be turned in are different from each faction(Though some of it is also identical).
So the “value” of the Horde turn-ins are higher than the Alliance one.
Like Horde needs 60,000 rugged and heavy leather.
While alliance gathers light and medium leather, though twice as many.
So I think it’s more about it’s perceived ‘value’ instead.
And no, it has certainly not been adjusted to server populations as even the unfortunate situations on some PvP servers of one faction being nearly empty is required to farm the same materials.

In vanilla blizz twisted the numbers because back then almost everyone played ally.