War Mode - A middle finger?


They are not giving middle finger to pve players, in fact it’s the opposite. If you did some pvp yourself you would understand how awful pvp gearing is and that you must do pve in order to get gear before even stepping into any serious pvp.

As for the warmode bonus it is actually more time efficient to play without it since you can just do 1 world quest in 2 minutes and move to the next one without having to lose 5 minutes fighting the opposing faction and then saving cooldowns etc in case some1 attacks you just to get that 10% bonus.

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Lol, wtf are u on about op?
WM is a not middle finger to those that rolled on pve servers, its the exact opposite of that!

They deleted the pvp servers, and made them into glorified pve servers.
Now if u are having a hard time in the world u can just toggle on ezmode at ANY time!!!

Before wm chars on pvp server had more value cuz they where harder to level.
Pve server players can just use all the cds without having to worry about anything.
On pvp server u didnt use any cd above 30s incase someone jumps u.
You had to constantly check your surroundings nothing pve servers had to ever worry about.

They dragged us down to your level, without us having any way to affect it.

WM is a BIG middle finger to PVP servers.


Weird, I didn’t like that post, but there’s my like. Oo Anyhoo…

That isn’t an issue between PVE and PVP. There are plenty of abilities which were moved to a specific pvp tree that we would all love back as spec specific baselines. But cuts have to come from somewhere. It is what it is. None of these are breaking your PVE experience. You’ve survived without them, no?

Really? :smiley:

It takes how many days to level a toon from scratch? You’ve got heirlooms. Hats. Pots. It used to take weeks of hard grafting to level what can now be churned out over a long weekend.

C’mon man, there’s got to be more pressing issues on your mind? Unless you just think the grass is greener without taking into consideration the sheer amount of will and effort that goes into the PVE development of this game. Often times, it seems, at the expense of the PVP side. You get the better gear. You get all the content which is consistently updated. The PVP community gets access to a few talents, all the broken PVE heroes with their broken PVE sh!te, and a tiny flexible bump in resources. Wowsers. Ain’t we lucky!!! :smiley:


Shure as soon they swap AP for Honor gain, then raiders can switch it off, i mean that AP can help in long run on raid progression, while for other ppl dunno what use AP have since you wont have big benefit from it in open world. Most of top raiding guilds are horde anyway right ?, so dunno why wont Blizz change that so in WM you get extra honor out then extra AP, just my tought. Oh and seen your posts keep it up you will get MVP status soon :wink:


I’m not surprised that most of you wm supporters (pvp players) can’t see the middle finger. It’s a shame really that biased can overcome what we all should see as fairness. You all tell us to turn wm off because it’s just an easy thing to say yet miss the bigger picture, the middle finger.

Many of the pvp talents are extremely useful in pve, that, you can’t deny. On top of which wm offers an xp boost making pve better still. But we should just turn it off if we don’t like it right?

If we activate wm we get goodies in the form of extra talents and xp. If we don’t activate wm we get nothing. And you all can’t see the middle finger to pve players?


Open world PVP doesn’t require unlocked Azerite powers or increased stamina? Oo


I can see how you perceive the situation as a middle finger, but from this side it pales in comparison to the bent-over, elbow-deep, fisting the PVP community have been getting for some time now. There’s quite a few issues with this game, no doubt, but the things you’re listing seem like minor inconveniences at best.

I levelled two characters in BFA, and even kicked around at cap with WM Off before I decided to try it and I only changed because I became aware of the Conquest Point gain with it on. My next two chars I ran with WM on as I levelled but it still took a couple of days to cap.

The XP gain advantage is a red herring. Go turn it on and see how well you get on, especially with everyone flying around now. Maybe you’ll be lucky and never meet anyone. Maybe not. WM is utter chaos. It’s anything goes, at any time. However if you’re not actually looking for it you can also find that it has long spells of inactivity. And that’s true chaos. You forget it’s on. You start daydreaming, checking out the daisies on the side of the road or the nice skin on that Zanda female dancer and then BAM THERES 5 GUYS KILLING EVERYTHING AROUND YOU AMG WTF GWAN ON?! MY PET!!! MY HEALTH!!! ARGGGGGGGGGGG YOU EFFIN *******S…

It’s amazing!

But you have to like that kind of style and the benefits WM offers are there to encourage people who sit on the fence when it comes to that. Now there is no PVP/PVE server-wide setting, only the hardcore pvpers would kick around without some kind of incentive to do so. No incentive would essentially mean very little WPVP.

Bottom line though is - you haven’t actually lost anything. You don’t have a -10% xp penalty. You’re just envious of a feature a portion of the community access but you have chosen not to access. Don’t be envious. You’re not an orc; green doesn’t suit you. =(

The small benefits are there for the taking with just two clicks of a button, and are just as easy to disable if you fancy a break. You just have to embrace the chaos.

Do eet.


They can switch off any time at rested area.

Nope, can’t see the middle finger. Want something extra? Take the extra ‘risk’ and make the extra effort.

Sarcasm is lowest form of humour, I am still practising.


And you think that’s all there is to it? How very naive…


What else is there to it?




You have no argument beyond I want, and if I want I should get.

Well, it doesn’t work that way. Here’s how it works.

WM on = variable pvp delays + compensation.
WM off = zero pvp delays - compensation.


I have a very good argument. I’m not however going to sit here and continue to go over what I’ve already said because you don’t see it.

For you to think that extra talents that benefit pve are a means of compensation just shows your naivety.


Your argument consists of, because someone else gets extra stuff, I should get that extra stuff too, even though I am not doing what the wm player is doing to get it.

By your logic, I should get rewards from pve modes such as m+ without actually taking part in them?


:joy: How do you figure that’s my logic? Taking things out of context to try and strengthen your own resolve just shows the childish mentality you’re peddling. Nowhere have I hinted at wanting rewards for doing nothing. So try another one.


Below is your context…

If that is not wanting wm benefits without turning on wm, what is it?

Maybe if you state what you actually want, it could be discussed like you requested.


I’ve made it quite clear what I ‘want’ haven’t I, you only have to scroll up a bit to see that. It’s not my problem you’re unable or unwilling to accept someone else’s opinions on a subject because they defer from your own. You’re just replying now for the sake of replying and being an argumentative child. You’re not bringing anything new to the debate just going over the same biased wm stance. Thus I think it’s time for you to move on and troll someone else s topic. You’ll not get another reply from me. Good day.


Ok, since some ppl dont have the mental fortitude to understand the issue thats being discussed ill give you an example.

Lets say u where trying to do arenas ( for gear or conquest cap who cares why) and every 10 minutes a raid of opposite faction jumps u mid arena and kills you then corpse camps you for 10minutes before leaving. (and also in this scenario u can do bgs but it gives less gear and conquest, but you are safe while doing it. gear is also daily capped) would u enjoy the arenas?

(also for clarification arenas = warmode and bgs= not warmode since some ppl in these threads have problems understanding.)


I agree, if you’re saying a player should accept less rewards for a more fun (to them) experience.

Not clear to me, you could have quoted where you state what you want. Do that and we can discuss.


Whilst I’m not completely sure what you’re trying to get at (this topic was pointed at pve) I can answer your question. No, no I wouldn’t enjoy arenas, in the same way I don’t enjoy getting ganked then spawn camped by lvl 120’s with nothing better to do, forcing me to turn off wm and forgo the nice bonuses to pve.