Warcraft Short Story: "The Calling"

Warcraft Short Story: "The Calling"

Since leaving the realms of Death, Anduin Wrynn has only sought to keep his hands busy. Plagued by night terrors and grisly flashbacks, the young king finally finds the isolation he seeks in Stormsong Valley, milling flour for a local village. But while Anduin may be able to hide his identity, he cannot escape who he is or the stuff he is made from.

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Is that your way to save money on the Warbringers/Harbingers/Afterlives animated shorts?


I´m sure they will do some videos for us. they know most players hate reading.

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Too much emo.

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ChatGPT make me a short story about Anduin Wrynn struggling to fit in as king and wandering around Azeroth in search of a purpose.

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My AI told a story of him travelling to places to find purpose until he came across a group of Argent Crusade paladins, and spent time with them for few months.

"Anduin returned to Stormwind with a renewed spirit. He now understood that his true purpose was not just to lead, but to inspire and uplift his people, guiding them with the same compassion and dedication he had found in the Plaguelands.

With a heart full of resolve, King Anduin Wrynn embraced his role once more, ready to lead his kingdom into a future of hope and unity."


See? AI can make a decent story :sweat_smile:
We’ll see what they are cooking for TWW… as long as it’s not Sunday leftovers reheated in the microwave

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We had a short story about Lorthemar’s wedding before DF and we still got the animated shorts for the dragons after.

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Same could be said for the devs.

Aaaand stopped reading

but it was realms of death

I really can’t get used to Anduin’s new face, looks like some super hero movie actor :neutral_face:

You don’t call, you don’t write…

No, they’ve always done these.

Though I should note that the person who introduced these drawn cinematics have left Blizzard. It is unclear to me if they still can and want to do them. We shall see. I’ll certainly be disappointed if we get nothing at all.

EDIT: Can’t help but notice that Christie Golden is credited.

Releasing and publishing new works of people you’ve fired. Without even discussing salary, in case that was the issue.
Obviously you must believe her work is worthy of publication. That it has value.

Dishonourable doesn’t even begin to describe this.

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Still somehow a priest, after wearing plate, a two-hand and dual wield sword as well as using the WC3 paladin ultimate.

They can still be commissioned/contracted for work.

I guess the story firings was more about replacing the upper/middle echelon of the writing teams seeing how the current wave of main narrative missed the mark or was even worse than usual.

By Christie golden… Guess this is the last story we get from her then isn’t it? Be nice.

She made good stories. I really liked Arthas rise of the litch king.


Let me guess, he cries again in the story…

Does he? :grinning:

I’m terrible, I rarely ever read the stories, short or long that they put out.

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the trees are calling… and its speaking Vietnamese O.O

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