Warlock buff

  1. For PvP pls buff the survivability, Demon armor got removed so at least give us Demon skin and Soul link baseline. Replacement talent for demon skin is Dark Regeneration.

  2. Death’s Embrace should return as a passive effect, Affliction needs more pressure.

  3. Soul Swap should return cost 1 shard instantly places all dots on the target 6 seconds cd.

  4. New passive effect: Harvester of Souls: Your Corruption has a 15% chance to deal damage and heals you for 100% of the damage dealt

  5. Dark Soul baseline 1,5 min cd but dispellable. Replacement talent never-ending torment: has 2 effects one passive effect increases the dmg of all dots by 35% on targets above 65%. The active effect: instantly deal all dmg done to the target while above 65% hp. 3 min cd replaces Dark Soul.

Prety sure you ment.
4. New passive effect: Harvester of Souls: Your Corruption has a 15% chance when dealing damage, heal you for 10% of the damage dealt.

You wrote it like it only has 15% chance of dealing dmg, and 100% is too much combined with 15% procc chance.

EDIT, For some reason I wrote 1. instead of 4.

Discard point 5. That is frking OP :upside_down_face:

I copy and pasted it from wowwiki that was an old talent.

Great now it is a release candidate… no survivability buffs for warlock, they are so needed especially for Affliction.

The only buff to necrolord is the Shadowfall Talent

They can’t buff the warlocks, since they’re nr 1+2 in PvE already :upside_down_face:. If they want to buff affliction they need too seriously change up the skillset and we all know this only comes with xpacks or major major tiers (like the set).

They just needed to give us Demon armor, Demon Skin and Soul link baseline.

New talent for demon skin is dark Regeneration.

Just like they need to make Meat Cleaver baseline for Fury and uncap the goddam AOE restriction on NF ability…

In fact, uncap all the AOE restrictions…
Why does Destro or Survival have no cap but other classes do? They’re high on something, I need to get me some of that.

EDIT: I completely forgot what I wanted to say lmao. They removed stuff thinking it was a good idea, and now they stick to their decision, even if it was a terrible one.

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But they admitted the talent rework from MoP was not what they wanted. Now we are getting a new one. Maybe with DF it will be better