Warlock Legendary needs to be changed

Can we please get some changes to this Warlock Legendary that perma 50% slows people when Corruption is applied, you can’t just dispel it freely either because of the dmg UA does to the healer. It really needs to be changed so there’s some actual counter play to it that doesn’t involve the healer taking a huge HP hit when he dispels it off just 1 person. It needs better counter play with some compensation to the Warlocks survivability.


On the other hand Warlock is like the only class that isn’t one shotting nor does it have some reliable immunity that prevents it being one-shotted.
So they’re not even that strong in current meta.


That gives what every other god damn class has

Whenever I apply it I get a red message on my screen :

" a stronger effect is already active "

Lol because of mages and any melee in the game basically… so
what the hell do you want ? Nerf mages too perhaps ?

And just for the reminder, Frozen arrow for survival hunter was the same thing except that on top of that, it did damage and was undispellable back then. It stayed in for an entire expansion. Just so you know.

Today Warlocks also have a slow through their curses, it is 50%, similarly. I hope you understand, that warlocks can also press one button and get the same result right…
The only thing this legendary gives is one free global cooldown so you don’t have to use a curse in your rotation… you are less GCD starved… and +15% damage for a weak dot.
This is very underwhelming in my book. Who the hell would trade their legendary for this ?

Hopefully you won’t queue into too many warlocks this season, so you should be fine.

Sure what do you want to nerf on a Mage? no other class as the ability to passively apply a 50% slow that can’t really be dispelled because of UA cover.

So that justifies a passive 50% slow?
I just want more counter play to it since you can’t just go and dispel corruption to remove it on CD because UA covers it.

Key word there “was”, there’s a reason its not around anymore.


Just kick UA for god’s sake…



EDIT: Also what do you mean passive? It’s not like everything is slowed simply by Warlock existing. He has to apply it.

Doesn’t Mage have spammable Slow too? Arcane I mean.
And as far as I know it slows for more (%).


So… how long is a lock out for a Warlock when kicked? 7 seconds right? my CS has a 24 second CD, even the shorted kick in game “Wind Sheer” is a 12 second, so “just kick it” is no remedy because you can’t stop him getting them out at certain points. Also you have to realise in 3s there’s other things to kick too, Fear is a good example, you can’t just let every single Fear through, also depending on the other DPS class and healer they have things you will need to kick at certain times, “just kick it” is probably the stupidest response you could have written to that. it screams out I have no idea how area or PvP works.

You just apply an instant cast dot to slow everyone by 50%, its a passive slow tied to an instant dot, you can mass slow people with this slow, I’ve seen it happen in RBGs already, people will sometimes run 2 Warlocks to mass slow everything on the enemy team.

Yeah it does, but I think you can only have that on 1 target at a time. Im not 100% on that though, also its easily dispelled since theres nothing covering it.



Well Frostbolt, Frozen Orb and many other abilities also slow people and do damage, that’s nothing new.
And Warrior for example has undispelable slow.

Curse of Exhaustion (rank 1)

8% of base mana 30 yd range

Requires Warlock (Affliction)

Reduces the target’s movement speed by 10% for 12 sec. Only one Curse per Warlock can be active on any one target.

at rank 4 the slow is stronger with a 60% reduction effect

A thread I actually agree with

How long its been dad


But its not hard to get a R3 Legendary right now? people have these, I played into some high rated Aff locks last night and they were easily wheel chairing us the entire game and covering the slow with UA’s.

I don’t get this…

some classes run around spamming 10K crits

People whine about the slow of a trash tier class that isn’t even played that much

hell I don’t even like this legendary item wtf


Haha, welcome to Warlocks defending their passive slow with irrational arguments such as “just kick UA and dispel corruption”.


i’ll gladly take that nerf if survivability gets a buff.
Also, nerf the triune legendary for mages. You shouldn’t be tankier than us.


Those classes will get nerfed 100%, people are complaining about the night and say, but this one seems to go under the radar a little bi because it doesn’t 1 shot people.

This expansions is getting ridiculous very quickly

This is almost a carbon copy thread from when Blood fear was around.

Just because other classes are over the top doesn’t mean things like this should exist.


Sure, they can nerf it, you don’t even need to use Triune as a Mage, there’s other viable options.

Its because you don’t see locks outside of shadowplay and L S D.

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Why? because people don’t think a class should apply a 50% slow with an instant cast DoT that can’t be dispelled because UA covers it?

Have you seen how OP it is when played with an SP? you can’t dispel the SP’s DoTs OR the Warlock DoTs because of UA covering them, so you’re 50% slowed all game long taking insane DoT dmg.