Warlock looking for a friendly Mythic+ guild(Azjol-Nerub)


Long story short, I’m kinda fed up with the amount of elitism in the end game, so I’m looking for a friendly guild that likes to chat, run Mythic+ and more.

My luck so far has been terrible to say the least. :confused:

Horde player on Azjol-Nerub(EU) server.


How a bunch of middle aged boring gits creating a new guild to put up some walls against the elitism and such?

Will be a heroic raiding guild with plenty of M+ etc, so far weve got a couple of raiders and a lot of people rerolling and will be plenty of stuff going on!

Alliance though!


I run a xrealm M+ Discord community. Friendly, active, non-toxic, both factions. No xp required. We run all key levels and welcome active players willing to contribute to our happy place.
Discord: tru#7480


I should probably mention I am a Horde player.


Hey Anwyr! Our active, friendly guild on Magtheridon (horde) could be the new home you seek!

We have plenty of chilled out people running M+, raiding, grouping up for all kinds of content and most of all - having FUN! :smiley:
We run loads of M+ together at various levels; we have various levels of raid so everyone who wants to can get involved; we have monthly social events that range from transmog or mount runs, to getting achievements or just playing games in-game!

If you like the sound of our guild, hit me up on Discord (Tea003#8087) or BNet (Tea003#2501) for a chat and I’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have!


Greetings! :wink:

I am Jo, Guild Master and Raid Leader of Battle Scars on EU - Twisting Nether. In February 2017, during Nighthold progress, we created the Guild with hopes that we could be a home for everyone, where progress was possible without the inevitable PuG-toxicity, and where people who had no interest in being raiders could just level or achievement hunt or PVP or do any of the things they desired in a chill, friendly community.

Up until BfA, we have pretty much succeeded. Shortly after the release, though, several people decided they didn’t like the expansion too much and took a break. We weren’t feeling it, I guess. With 8.2 in sight, though, we’re ready to hit back and to revive our roster for raiding.

Our goal is to go for at least steady Ahead of the Curve progress each tier, and hopefully a few first wing Mythic bosses. In Battle Scars, there’s room for mistakes to be made, as long as we see people care to correct those and see a dedication to our raid team.

We know life happens and are 100% understanding of real-life commitments, though. If family life, work or school makes our 7PM to 10PM raids hard, we’re definitely willing to work with you and establish a bit of an in-between way that can work for everyone. For instance, it is acceptable if you can only show up to 2 out of 3 raids and never attend Thursdays or Sundays or Mondays. A bit of communication from both sides helps. :wink:

When we don’t raid or before or after our raids, we often go for M+ together. We push all sorts of keys, all levels, depending on what the group can handle at a time. As a leadership, we do the best we can to be there when anyone needs tanks, heals or spare DPS, and we switch between the three roles very frequently, depending on what the group needs most.

Battlenet: Joséphine#2827
Discord: Jo (Joséphines)#7387


Hey there! Add me for a chat Luctish#1984, you sound like you would be a really good fit for us!

Solar Noctis (Frostwhisper/Zenedar/Bladefist) is a casual raiding guild, we are seeking active members to strengthen our raiding team. We are currently looking for DPS and healers for our current raid nights. To date we have cleared 8/8 HC and 6/9HC.

We are an English-speaking guild who strive to create a friendly, helpful community.

We want to clear content at our own pace. So if you are looking for a guild that intends to push heroic/mythic on week one this isn’t it.

We understand that people have families, jobs and other commitments outside of the game and therefore we are not in the business of demanding players to “be on at a certain time or else” - that goes against the relaxed and social environment we aim to create.

That being said our raid times are:-

Wednesday 20:00- 23:00

Sunday 20:00 - 23:00

We have a calendar full of events each week, including 2 M+ nights, levelling nights for alts and other activities from time to time!

So if you are looking for a relaxed and friendly place to raid or just hang out or if you’d like more information contact our guildmasters!

Luctish (Luctish#1984)

Gormac (Garaidh#21616)

Lossee (Lossee#2651)