Warlock or Priest

Hey guys,

I’m struggling to chose between Warlock or Priest.
I really like the fantasy of warlocks, but I read the specs aren’t in the best place right now. However, warlock have three different damage specs but priest only has one. Usually warlocks have at least one or several reliable specs during the patches.

At the moment I enjoy pretty high keys (around 14-15 atm) and semi-serious pvp (1.6k-2k bracket).

Which class do you think I will get most out of in the long run?

I play both but Priest is my main. In my opinion Warlock needs a class rework, just like Shadow priest received one in Shadowlands. I enjoy my Warlock but I get frustrated more often while doing PvP. Priest is just better.

Spriests are in a better place than Warlocks right now for PvP but I don’t think Warlocks are terrible but they are more vulnerable.

Afflic and Spriest are similar but with Spriest you have to worry about cleanses, UA makes it nice that people can’t just cleanse your dots. Dispelling Spriest dots can really lower their output and I do it a lot when I’m facing one. On the other hand Afflic have a very annoying slow and can really burst after they are setup, doing some sick damage, but Spriest are able to dish out strong burst at any time once their cd is up, pretty intense as well.

Destlock can deliver those big hits that Spriest kind of can’t. It’s a different playstyle.

Demolock I don’t even consider because I think it’s a stupid spec for the most part.

I think if you really like Warlocks you can consider going one. The next patch is going to nerf Hpaladin, which is the meta healer right now and can reduce shadow damage by 15 percent, so that’s basically a 15 percent dmg increase coming for dot classes of shadow magic so Warlocks might actually be a lot more viable very shortly in arena.

Overall, Spriest is in a better place and therefore the safer choice…RIGHT NOW, but Warlock can receive buffs at any moment, they’re are still people doing quite well with them but they’re not in a great place.

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Except then we go to RBG’s where aff is more wanted than shadow

Warlock all the way.

Unless u plan to heal. Aflicition will be s tier destro can become decent again also!

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