Warlock question (PvP)

Hello, sorry for my bad english. I cannot wait to play Vanilla, I never played it back then but I can’t wait to try it.
I have a question about warlock and PvP.
I know that warlock trinket doesn’t remove stun and the biggest nuisance for them are, in fact, stuns and classes that rely on it (mostly rogues), so I was wondering, since I’m almost sure I will play horde, what do you think it will be the best race for PvP for a warlock, orc (high stun resist) or undead (WotF of course)?
This is the only thing I still didn’t decide when classic will be live, also blood fury doesn’t increase spell damage but only melee damage, am I correct? Thanks everyone for your opinions.

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I actually know a fantastic OP item for locks for anti cc but I wont tell you because you’re horde and that would be counter productive :o

just keep dots on rogue so they cant re stealth and u got an ability for detecting stealthies

Is that item called Free action potion/skull of impending doom? :smiley:

A good question and observation, but it is very much down to you and what you envision your favourite method of PVP to be.

What sort of PvP activity is the one you look forward to the most. Is it world pvp, BGs, duels?

Depending on those answers, you can pretty much figure out which race you should go for (undead), because indeed the stun resist is nice on Orcs, but you can actually beat rogues as a lock if you get the drop on them, without having to worry too much about stun; WOTF is just OP as well (you should definitely go undead), depending on which iteration we will get … I think it got nerfed even in Vanilla once or twice iirc.

That is correct, Blood Fury increases melee attack power.

Most likely the potion :stuck_out_tongue: , as the skull’s effect was about dealing damage to the caster so you’d break seduction/sap/poly/fear but idk about hard stuns.

I agree with everything, exept the “Undead” part. Orc is - in my opinion - the best option.

How many times will you get to open on a rogue, compare to a rogue opening on you? A resist on a 5 point Kidney is a waste of whatever energy those 5 points cost and a resist on Cheap Shot is pretty much Game Over before it even started.

Against which classes might one need a WOTF? Priests in melee range, Warriors who could use it as an interupt (also Melee range) and the very rare Alliance PvP Warlock (seen by only a few people). 3 Classes of which 1, Warrior, might be overrepresented in the population. All of these 3 classes can be seen before they attack you and your Felhound can eat their fear (and lock out them if they are Priests/Locks).
On the other hand, Paladins and Rogues (especially Rogues) will be a very big part of what you might fight in PvP, stumble upon while you quest and who would acually want to fight you. Also, one of them is always around just waiting to gank …

Make your choice Sarkyss =)

Ye I was thinking orc aswell, stun resistance is really powerful (and yet a passive racial) than a fear/sleep/seduction break trinket. I mean WotF is also really good but it may be helpful against priests (but their fear is somewhat predictable since they have to stay in melee range), warrior and other warlocks, but stun resistance is insanely good against like every classes in the game (blackout procs, concussive shot procs, intimidation, charge/intercept stuns, hoj, cheap/kidney), I also saw some videos from different private servers that hardiness also helps against engineering bombs (even though it is an incapacitate effect), so I don’t know if it will work on classic aswell.

Orc is the master race :wink:

In all seriousness I played this character during vanilla - fear isn’t much of an issue as the only class with a spammable fear is warlock and atleast on my server they were a very rare sight on alliance side.
Resisting a charge stun or kidney shot on the other hand have left many a player cursing my name <3

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Orc is a solid choice for warlock, definitely the overall best on horde.

I was a gnome warlock on one server and it was fine, orcs still seemed a bigger issue to deal with than undead so I understand why there is always more warlocks on horde.

no but they’re good.

UD hands down …

Simple if pvp is your thing Undead, but locks were bad in the very beginning it was only after about 5 months and a few patches later they became decent at anything

I like stun resist, but wotf is good and UD animations for warlock are so enjoyable.

Orc is incredibly strong for Warlocks. Resisting a rogue stun or warrior charge can flip the fight in your favor immensily.

Undead racial is quite useless because there won’t be many alliance warlocks or spriests at all.

Wait did you just really say UD racial was useless?

Are we talking about the same:

Will of the Forsaken Racial

Instant 2min cooldown

Provides immunity to Charm, Fear and Sleep while active. May also be used while already afflicted by Charm, Fear or Sleep. Lasts 5sec.

Charm: Priest Mind Control / Eng Mind Control

Fear: Priest Scream / Warlock Fear / Warrior Fear

Sleep: Rogue Sap-Gouge-Blind / Warlock Succu Charm / Hunter Wyvern Sting

You sure we talking about the same Wotf???

While an Orc stun resist is awesome, you wanna beat a Rogue its easier … much easier … with UD.

Oh and lets not forget about UD Rogues!! Try beating them loool

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Pick Undead for the casting animations.
Pick Orc for the lore.

Though I would agree stun resist is better overall than WotF. Of course, you could always keep a stack of Free Actions Potions handy to have better stun resist.

You can’t use wotf on blind gouge or sap lol, they’re a disorient and incapaciate effects

Im pretty sure those cant be removed with WOTF as they arent sleep effects, but lets for sake over argument pretend they are.
Would you rather have a passive ability that gives you a rather big chance to avoid stuns over and over, the moments where a Rogue can do DPS without you beeing able to effect. OR would you rather have a “on demand” button to break ONE effect where no harm can be done to you what so ever.

As mentioned, stuns cant be avoided naturally (without racials), everything you listed as an fear-effect (MC, Priest-, Warrior- and Warlock-fear) can be (as everyone exept the Warlock-fear are melee range) and also can be dispelled with Devour Magic @ Felhound.

Ive never heared WOTF ever beening used as an argument to beat >Rogues<, but I guess there’s a first time for everything.

Lol you have absolutely no idea what you are talking about.

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If you are an Alchemist, you can also choose to carry a stack of Free Action Potions. This way, you get better stun resist than Orcs while having WotF on top. The downside being you have to make the potions.

Against Rogues you also have to use them before getting caught in a stunlock, which can be difficult considering Rogues can make themselves invisible. When I played Warlock I nearly always caught them beforehand, though, due to my Felhunter.

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