Warmode is a pathetic excuse for World PvP

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It’s always bad.

There’s either nobody of the other faction there or there’s so many they just walk over everyone.

Really hoping they get rid of it soon. (alongside with just removing sharding and crossrealm but I might as well hope to win the lottery)


No matter the implementation. World pvp will always be unbalanced.
You want to get rid of a lot of aspects in the game. But do you have a solution for the consequences? Empty realms for example.


oh this crossrealm with wm on, standing waiting for npc to spawn for quest, waiting no one near… asap npc spawns boom 10 allys behind me like what?! how come?! just few secs ago there was no one and in a glance 10…


Just change the shard you are in that is the solution, I realize that when there is no horde around me I relog and then the game puts me in a shard that is full of horde attacking 1v20 to Alliance. Then I change the shard again, I need some buff in order to become capable of 1v20ing you know…


Yeah just like… World PvP ?


It’s World PvP. It’s impossible to create a balanced system that relies on wildcards called “people”. If you want PvP balanced, then queue for a BG, because that’s the only place you’ll find it.

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World PvP is bad. It’s a good PvP server simulator as that’s how it felt to those where one faction was greatest overall, ie most PvP severs.

War Mode is not the issue, World PvP is and it’s always been like that.

Don’t blame War Mode for World PvP.

Either accept it as it is or turn War Mode off.


Old pvp realms worked fine though, because you could not opt out you never knew what to expect of other players. They could mind their own business and quest, maybe even help eachother out, or they would attack you. WM is just a glorified open world battleground in wich tons of people on the losing side simply will leave and everyone will attack others on sight

Thats a straight out lie, emeriss was a horde dominated pvp server until bfa, and world pvp was never such a mess as it is in WM

Most of the people complaining about pvp servers were people who joined there willingly because they had a friend there but regretted going ona pvp server, and pve server players who came onto the pvp server with the world quests groups in legion


If you appreciate WM for what it is, chaotic variable number and skill opponents in random situations, good chance of being happy with WM. If you expect it to be fair, you ain’t gonna be happy. I love it, but Blizz can’t please everyone.


WPvP isnt bad because of warmode, warmode is bad because of WPvP …

You have mixed pvp and nonpvp players, you removed neutral ground, you are simply getting ganked or playing on some treehugging rp server, slap some stupid shards into it, mix it with quickpatch in form of some stupid rewards for things noone needs and …

pour into toilet while stirring intesively …

And I almost forgot that you MUST remove literally every pvp objective from the open world, even quests that require WM on dont count credit from player kills …

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At least it aint as bad as GW2 PvP shudders


Warmode is for world quest bonus rewards and extra talents in the open world, not for pvp.

BGs and arenas are for pvp.


What’s wrong with letting people choose if they wanna have world pvp or not?


The World vs World was actually pretty fun tho, esp since it had siege weapons and keeps and castles. Did a thing once where we all got into mech suits and took over the map.

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The Devs making War mode (based on your description) :laughing:


The old artic valley is loved to this day.
People hate blizzard using the 1.12 version aka the rush version.

Personaly i think what blizzard shoud do is create a single large warzone you can join and leave at any time.
Make it so that this zone has build building, resourses management.
Basicly guild wars 2 realm vs realm combat but with more depth.

While guild wars 2 is a crappy game the realm vs realm part was fun.
I think a good way to encourge pvp is to up the scale.
Infantry vs infantry is boring and overdone.
Building a base to get npc soldiers to back you up?
Gather the resourses to build a siege workshop and build seige tanks that can easly destroy building’s and 5 man bands?

Make it so that we fight over stuff we build and destroy.
Killing a horde via starsuge is dull.
Killing them by parashuting in there base or launching long range seige attacks is fun.
It would feel more like a war and less like a game of hunt and seek.
Ofcourse this zone would all be on one shard.
And given how crappy blizzard servers at the moment are…

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yep it sucks a lot


what you describe is basically the PvP of GW2 which another guy on this thread described as awful. Gonna be hard to please everyone.


Some guys dont have taste.


True. /10char