Warmode is a pathetic excuse for World PvP


I don’t have flying, now I want you to imagine the frustration of trying to do dailies in Mechagon when I’m just peacefully questing then out of the nowhere in the sky drop 4 alliances and rip me a new one.

But I accept that this is just how the game is and there is no way around it. I’ve tried to think of ways but i just hit a wall and come up with nothing that would actually work.

I love all PVP, no exceptions, it’s not the games fault, it’s the players who find joy in 4v1ing an unsuspecting victim. Probably because they can not touch you in a 1v1 cause they are too bad at PVP.

It’s just how the game is, if you don’t like it turn warmode off. Oh wait blizzard made it so that you HAVE to turn it otherwise you gain 10% less of everything and you can not complete certain quests without it. That my sir is where they royally screwed up.

Edit: Ive actually changed my mind about the 10% thing. By turning on warmode there is more risk. And more risk = more reward. Makes sense. The questing part though. Yuck. Bad decision. Some people just wanna quest peacefully and this ruins it for them.


Id say that is pretty accurate I’m not gonna lie that’s probably how they made it.

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My experience used to be 50 billion alliance and zero horde. Then 50 billion horde and zero alliance. Then 50 billion horde suddenly all turning into alliance when nazjatar world pvp event starts. And nowadays, it’s the sudden appearance of 50 billion alliance players during world pvp events, and their immediate disappearance when it’s done.

Thanks sharding. Thanks blizzard.


There can be no peace, Horde gotta die.


Save your gusto for the BG’s, alliance needs all the help it can get nowadays.


I mostly WPvP, bgs are fake balanced fair pvp :slight_smile:

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Patch 8.2 really has lead to a population explosion.

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enough to make servers lag so hard that you can’t move.

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In Nazjatar is awful especially when people join 40 man groups! It is unplayable. Kul Tiras and Zandalar is ok, when players dont phase out during combat…


And now ppl can’t complain there are no players hahaha :laughing:.

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Now we’ve complaints there’s too many!


Yeah , you need SKILL to win. What is this design ? I want to fight 1v 10 and corpse camp. /s

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Most of it is organisation. A couple of people communicating can we a random BG.

Back in Wrath it used to be Germans on our Battlegroup that would thrash you, not because they were good but they had some communication.

I believe it’s the same situation with 'Russians I dont believe they are always premades, just they do some communication with one another.

Lemmings dont win PvP.


Yea people can’t make up their minds anymore :laughing:.

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I just got bounty today until I got bored.
I was basically only hunting those with low HP left or being by themselves while i was in a group for the 25 horde slain quest.

If you dont wanna get killed, group up or turn WM off. Otherwise you’re just easy pickings. >.<


Ha ha ha… balanced pvp Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

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it will be funny if in classic when some servers became mostly 1 faction and the lower pop faction is stuck there, or move server which further unbalances it.

then people will come complain about trying to farm thorium ore with 10 enemies ganking them, then again, they choose to level in a pvp server


World is not fair .
World PvP is not fair either.

WarMode kinda saved WPvP even tho i used to love the PvP flag next to the server i’ve been playing.

World is super active and alive WPvP wise compared to the past 4 expansions at least.

Sometimes you get rekt , sometimes you rekt , thats how it goes.
Its better than previous expansions WPvP state anyway imo

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