Warmode problem at summoning stone (suggestions)


I am sure this already discussed many times but in my opinion, it will be good to make something about this issue. Link please if there is already blue post about this.

Possible solutions:

  1. Put summoning stones to inside instances.

  2. Let opposite warmode players can see each other like Skidra fight in Ny’alotha while they are in same party and let portal be clickable for both players.


Just this would be enough.

Even then sometimes the biggest problem is getting at least one of the other four people to move from their city to come and help summon. Maybe they just need to change it so you only need 1 person to summon.


IF you turn on warmode, the cry about warmode-ing happening, maybe you shouldnt have war mode on?


I don’t think this is the issue the OP is discussing, its about the failure to be able to summon if two individuals at the stone have opposite WM settings (one on and one off).


On second reading I agree, my first post was not on this subject. However, the same answer would still apply. If you have WM on or off you don’#t really get to be annoyed at the consequences of that. It literally says “You have opted in for world pvp” or “You have opted out of world pvp” when you turn it on/off. You have the freedom to choose which mode to play in, that freedom comes with consequences.

This really doesn’t answer the issue which the OP is trying to resolve though, you’re just going off on a tangent to try and pose a counter argument which doesn’t work for the scenario.

Sometimes a group can take ages to get to the instance entrance because so many people basically sit in Boralus or Dazar’ralor and either say nothing or ask for a summon without checking that there are 2 people at the stone who can summon together.

When you list a key to get a group you will not see what applicants have WM on or off and ideally that shouldn’t matter because the group is for an instance where the setting bares no importance but having that be a barrier that prevents summoning just makes keys take so much longer to start.

Have you tried asking them? How about a wee left click to see if they have "Soldier of the ‘faction’ " buff? You’re looking for a system / solution that is easy enough to check in game already. If you’re in a group that can’t say something to the effct of “OMW STone, WM On” (Which is what I say every time) then maybe it’s not a great group to be a part of? It’s an MMO, chatting is part of the experience.


So you want players to whisper every application who wants to join their key whether they have WM on or not? I stated applicant because at that time of listing the key to get people you will not be in a group with them so you won’t see if the WM buff is on them. That really isn’t a solution to the issue because then forming a group could take longer if a player decides to only choose those with the same WM setting, thus potentially passing up many players who can help complete the key.

You’re still not getting the point which is to make summoning easier so that keys can be started sooner and waste less time, no one really wants to get a group and then have to wait for longer than necessary to start because WM settings prevent the quick summoning of people.

Or list the key as something like “KR +10 WM on”

Again, the easiest solution is for people to communicate, not to ask blizzard to move stones or eliminate the difference at stone. You’re asking the dev team to up-end a massive part of the game for your convienance.

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Still not a solution to the issue, this potentially makes groups longer to create as you practically have to vet each player who wants to join to see if they actually do have the setting on.

Both you and I know that many players lack communication in WoW, so many times I’ve been at a stone and said something like “I need someone with WM on to come help summon” only to be met with absolute silence.

What massive part to the game would be up-ended by making summoning easier? The Dev team being asked to make a small adjustment with raid/dungeon summoning is not going to up-end WM.

This is a community issue, not a dev team issue.

It looks like a simple fix from the outside. “Just move it, lol”, but you run the assumption that ‘just moving it’ would be a simple task. A great example of this is the AH revamp that broke the game. From the outside is seemed really simple, but really it was a nightmare.

The issues you describe, bar none, could be fixed with ingame communication. If people can’twont communicate, then don’t group with them, find people who give you what you need.

Making summoning a little easier literally requires nothing to be said to people. I’m not trying to make this a community issue for the Devs to fix. Its simply a Dev issue which some in the community have gripes with.

While moving it might not be a simple task for the Devs on the other hand for players it would be a simple solution to the problem of trying to summon others.

You can’t fix the level of communication of the whole playerbase, if its that simple then please do improve this across the whole of WoW.

At this point its clear you’re just posting to be antagonistic and not actually try and resolve the issue that other players have with this. I won’t be replying further because I already have walls if I want to talk to them.

I gave you a solution, a really really easy one. It doesn’t require a patch, it doesn’t require Blizzard intervention, you’re entire rejection of it boils down to “Ew, imagine speaking to people in WoW”. You want big daddy blizzard to swoop in and fix a problem for you you can fix for yourself. I’m not being atagonistic, you’re complaining about a non-issue because you’re too damn lazy to ask people a question or list a group in a way to eliminate the need for the question.

my optimal solution would be the following:

give sum stone a radius of x where people of wm on and off are able to see each other.
people with wm on are still targetable by other people with wm on, however, the ones with wm off wont be able to help. the only interaction possible will be clicking on the portal.

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I was thinking of tomes, at present you can use them outside of rested areas to change talents etc, it would be useful if they could also change WM settings.

Just wondering, how often does it happen that only two travel to the entrance while 3 others are doing [something else]?

Haven’t seen it happen in a long time, usually we end up summoning one and the others already arrived.

And that is the solution; everyone just go to the entrance. Simple.

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If you choose to use War Mode then it is part and parcel of being in War Mode that you will fight at summon stones. It has always been a common place to engage in World PvP on PvP realms, long before WM was invented.

If you want to summon your fellow team/guild mates in peace, either get a warlock on your team and summon inside or turn War Mode off.

i got something else : make on every frontdoor of instance the summoning stone, with a stormwind / ogrimmar sharding systems, where we can’t fight each other.

We all know in war mode when we are in front of dungeons we want PvE , not PvP

If you move the stone inside how am I supposed to camp it? Think.

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Remove opt in thing and set player mode based on what server player joined. You know, the good old working game design, that we used to have and was played by millions.

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