Warrior got overbuffed

Does way too much damage. Reduce damage or remove 50% healing reduction.


No its dmg got comparable with the A tier specs.still of the easiest class to deal with. Mobility untouched defensives still mediocre , utility remains the same.


Imo the dmg isn’t really the problem.

Is it a full Warlock counter? Yes it is, been experiencing the same pain on my Warlock recently as well.

I think double Spell reflect needs to go, or the CD should become longer at least. Ignore Brain can use some tweaking too.

And Impending Victory healing.


Sorry Bloodlock but every class has to have a hard counter and warlocks is warrior. Quit with the copium and just get good son.


Warrior gameplay at 2100+ mmr

  • Gate opens

  • Charges in on his steed like the mongols straight to me

  • Leap into my face with spell reflect up and flying stormbolt animation barely catching up with this heroic warrior (he is a mighty warrior)

  • as soon as spell reflect is down, its time for bladestorm (majestic warrior)

Now throughout this seemingly Hollywood cartoonishly zugzug interaction, you would think that the (turnaround and punishment) is right around the corner, but ofcourse that is not the case

Two charges in the chamber
Another bladestorm proc ready to go
Interrupt on standby
Shockwave locked and loaded

Healers cant keep up, and you die after using your two escapes


Lets look at the ladder on check-pvp, right now there are 7 warlocks allegeable for a rank 1 title in 3v3 while at the moment there isn’t a single warrior allegeable for a rank 1 title in 3v3. The highest Warlock in solo shuffle is 2789 while the highest warrior is 2685 over 100 rating lower.


That did not stop you from crying your eyes out about mage tho


Any counterargument or just personal insults. I didn’t offend you in first place Let’s keep the thread polite

how about we prune sub rogue/mage instead just my opinion :stuck_out_tongue:

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Warrior mobility is insane, you have banner, intervene, disarm and the highest MS effect in the game. Defensives are weak against maybe mages (though you have double reflect for some reason) but then again you just do the most damage to them the moment you touch them which you inevitably will eventually.

I will come back on that when you cry about mages the next time.


Ignore brain :joy: love it


Lets break down what u mean . We have the same tools from cata (double charge intervene heroic leap) However we had them prune on Legion and BFA.We got them back on DF n warrior haters losing their minds. We didn’t got them free we have them as talent choices. Blame the talent system on the tools we rightfully have.
Disarm belongs to other classes too (monk rogue hunter (thru combination of talents) and for some unexplained reason to druid.
We have 2 rotational defensives IP n IV and 1 wall to parry all melee attacks . Getting disarmed makes me unable to to use it . Sr is for 1 spell only , talented for more but it used to reflect all spells . Dstance is a trade of dmg taken and dmg received.
War banner is team utility provides some cc reduction and movement speed to all players.
We don’t have the highest MS on game Its 25% heal reduction. We have sharpen blade that increases the heal reduction to 50% for a short duration.
The tools aren’t broken , if they are used wisely, they are effective. This doesn’t apply only to warrior.Its just that warrior mains are passionate about their class , we just enjoy the game and when gaming is entertaining it improves performance.

As charming and passionate the defense of the warrior is, i simply do not agree. I think warriors should only have charge, intercept and intervene in mobility. Charge should go back to not being usable in combat and then prune the mobility of other classes because this zip across the map state of classes is silly.

Call it inflation of mobillity if you like.

Also bring back stance dancing.

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The concept of warrior u describe belongs to the past when game was different. Game evolves and times change

I know it is in the past and it is a shame because the game has NOT improved just because you change stuff.

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The game has been improved. Period

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Yea… right. Warrior as a class have as much depth as a glass of water.

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Like all classes in the game

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Exactly my point. The game has NOT improved.

im fine with warriors having enough damage to compliment their ms effect and being back to their role of deadly killers when having good uptime

so that being said, now take off their shockwave, and put strombolt on 45 seconds cd, and make leap 1 minute cd, and increase cd of charge, and lower duration of bladestorm, and remove bladestorm proc, and make spell reflect 1.5 minute cd