Warriors are destroying the game

Starting off with this: Arm Warrior changes that will balance them

And my own: Warrior defensive stance - nerf

People always like to complain - I understand that. WW, rogue, fire mage, (now MM as well). Some classes are stronger than others, some need to be nerfed / changed BUT as it is right now I think the class that actually destroy this game for others is warrior.

Let me explain why:

  • As seen in the other posts we have a class that does not only have damage but also a very high survivability. What does this do? It means that whenever you face this class you feel like you are at a disadvantage because they have “everything”.

  • The amount of counterplay > a warrior pops burst > as a rogue I can either CC him on his damage or for example use evasion - but no then the warrior has “overpower” which is unblockable, cannot be dodged or parried.

  • Defensive stance > the warrior decides when he should take less damage, I would love to have the same ability that I have to “switch out” from.

  • Ignore pain > if you use details or some other addon which allows you to look at the numbers you will see the absolute sick amount of reduced damage (“healing”) a warrior can get out from this.

  • Mobility > leap, charge, chargable execute

  • Damage > the absolute amount of “filling” damage from abilities is insane.

Whenever I go up as a warrior I do not think “ah this will be a fun fight” - I am thinking about how annoying it will be to take them down.

Sure monks with their oneshots > I still feel like they can die.

Rogue / mage - absolute cancer of a comp > still feel like I can do more things against them

MM damage > sure it is insane that they can do so much damage from range but once you connect they don’t have the survivability a warrior has.

Something needs to change in order for it to be fun to join a battleground and see enemy team having warriors instead of feeling “ah f*ck, this will be an annoying game”.

NOTE: For all of you who will start with the WELL WHAT ABOUT THIS CLASS - yes every class has its problems. As a main rogue I can tell you that I hate the playstyle 99% of all rogues have. Especially with the venthyr oneshot one. But this post is about how warriors are destroying the game for me and many others.


So you are saying your healer cannot keep you alive through overpower spam? Does like 3 4k damage, every 1.5 secs. Its a classic filler.

It’s called Feint. More dmg reduction, no damage penalty. Low CD. It’s more of a substitute for Ignore pain, but rogue compensate by mobility, vial, stuns, evasion, etc.

Nobody uses death sentence if not venthyr, and you can’t complain about war mobility as rogue. War is also the only one out of the 3 plate classes that needs to be in meele range to do all of it’s damage.

Warrior is strong, as it should be, you can’t expect to beat it face to face in a brawl, but by using superior tactics and intelligence, like playing rogue mage and mongoing someone in a cheapshot with 15k eviscerates in def stance. That should be more like it right?


Aaah its cristobal on his alt :smiley: How are you doing man? Didn’t manage to get 2k on your warr so now you are defending them?

Eviscerate is baseline 4k with five combopoints with 45% mastery, and the fact that you cannot block, dodge or parry it makes it even more boring. The warrior doesnt even need to think when he presses it.

15 second cd and you have to pre-feint when you suspect they are gonna do damage AND it is a talent - warriors have a permanent 20% damage reduction… + they have ignore pain which does 50% reduced damage and has a longer duration than feint…?

leap, charge, dstance, ignore pain, die by the sword, spell reflect, shattering throw, intervene, fear, stun… did I miss something?

Personal opinion

That is what I am saying - not a fun game mechanic that a warrior is that strong. Only people maining warriors defend that.

That would be cool - but even if you outplay a warrior he can just zug zug back.

Rogue mage is completly busted yeah - not talking about comps though are we? You realise you are in the battleground section yeah? If you can show me a screenshot of rogues hitting 15k eviscerates through dstance that would be nice. And if they do it must be with every CD in their book.


You do realise I literally created that char just so I get the elite plate tmog because dk is not playable and i managed to get to around same rating as you on your main with less games and positive win - loss ratio, ok. Also I am playing PvP only casually cause I do other stuff in game as well.

You play an S tier class in 2s as opposed to warrior which is only A in 2v2, lack of CC matters quite a lot, and the Hunter 2s meta as well.

The problem with warrior is they made it braindead on purpose, everything can be used instantly, no more stance dancing, no weapon requirements. I would be happy with:

  1. Defensive stance requires 1h+shield equiped.
  2. Ignore Pain cd maybe a bit higher.
  3. Limit the execute/overall modifiers stacking a bit. Make dmg more linear, as it should on a sustain class.

But only if rogue mage don’t one shot you in cheap shot in 1.7 second at full hp in def stance.

That’s kinda your fault for not using parry pre-stun. And also letting the rogue re-stealth. You know you can intervene stuns too right? It just requires you to use a tiny bit more brain than what warrior players are usually used to.

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I think that you can’t one-shot warrior and it is a reason why you complain. Rouge one-shot should not exist as anther class one-shot too.


Thanks for your reply. To start off with - I think that rogue oneshots is one of the most stupid and most boring game mechanics in this game. I hate playing rogue mage. I don’t see the fun in oneshotting people over maybe doing it 1-2 games / year.

I absolutely agree, I dont think oneshots should exist in this game at all.

The issue isn’t this. Its no matter which class you are - warriors are annoying to face due to their toolkit.

On cristobal you mean? 200cr diff and same winrate is “almost” to you? Not trying to flame but I think there is a reason a warrior player got there and then couldnt get further.

Same man! My passion is achievements!

You face a warrior almost every 2nd game and they are more than 2x represented in 2v2 than sub rogues because warriors are NOT among the best specs in the game? Sure you can call sub S-tier. But if you put warriors in a tier below it you are delusional.

Some changes I could agree with. Ignore pain dmg reduc / damage absorbed is still a bit high imo but sure.

Is your healer in a fully polly and the only thing you have active is a def stance when they are blowing their cooldowns? If that is the case I suggest you play a bit more pvp before you come with these claims.

A rogue complaining about warriors, gonna grab my popcorns because this troll thread is going to be amusing.

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Sure can you bring some for me as well? :smiley: While you do that - could you also come with your input on how rogues are stronger than warriors?

A sub 1700 warrior claiming this is a troll thread must be trolling himself. If you will come with the “a sub rogue can oneshot me in a kidney when he uses all his cooldowns and I don’t use anything” - please dont even respond.

You create the question, type the answer and do the follow up to your own assumptions, you must be fun at parties too :wink:

Haha yeah man! Why isn’t a forum like a party all the time? :smiley: You cannot even back up what you are saying, so why would anyone ever listen to you?

true dk aint 1.8 viable. i see you speak from experience with ur 0 games played this season.

I´m not here to back up anything, just to read and have a good ol´ laugh :wink:

If you are having laugh about this you must be delusional :wink: Typical for people who don’t understand the game though.

Nice try at being funny. Ofc they are. Just dont wanna sit in lfg for 5 hours a day getting declined, while I could play a meta Class.
Big brain thinking, won’t you say?

i started this xpac without any btag’s and barely arena exp. i actually never waited longer then 15mins in lfg.
so painful to play offmeta.

Absolutely amazing story. We are all happy for you bro.

thank you appreciated.

I don’t think you can convince that guy anything sadly. He is highly delusional and was defending warriors in another post yet here he claims they are meta. Claimed he would win 100% whenever he faced me and once I did face him he had no clue on what to do.

Yes, tell me more :wink: