hey guys, I’m not sure if this is the right forum to write in, but I’ll try anyway;

I’m not a new nor returning player per say. But i’m having a hard time choosing between Ret paladin or Fury warrior.

So does anyone have pro’s and con’s of these two specs?
I really enjoy ST-damage, but I’m not sure which performs best in that category. Also, IMO the ret paladin have alot of utillity and defensives + group defensives, and I’m not sure what fury has in utillity compared to?

So can we do some pro’s and cons for those classes? I wan’t too get the right pick :slight_smile:


Ret pally should not exist.
Nuff said.

They’re both AOE classes/specs. So for ST damage you won’t be strong like other ST specs/classes. (Fire Mage, Bm Hunter, …)

On a more serious note:
What content are you trying to do? This changes the pick quite a bit…
Is it Casual, PvP, open world, Raiding, M+, … alot of different factors.

Primarely raiding :slight_smile:

The specs you recommend are ranged, and I really dislike ranged playstyle :frowning:

Unless you’re already in the guild you want to raid with, and you know what they need (in which case, pick that), try them both out and pick the one you enjoy the most. As Kiyouraah said, they’re both more AOE focused than ST.

Ret pally can spec more for ST by changing legendary, talents, conduits, and possibly soulbind and I see skilled ret players do very good damage on raid bosses, although not as good as the specs that are primarily good at ST.

I can’t comment on fury because my warrior isn’t even lvl 60 yet.

Both bring raid buffs, but you’re not going to know what your raid group needs unless you know who you are raiding with.

ugh, that’s hurtful XD

Truth hurts :kissing_heart:.

I am just kidding ofcourse, but Warrior is the only real 2h plate DPSers, DK is borderline acceptable. :crazy_face:

Pink is not a color for a DPS class!

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