Was BFA made by multiple teams?

It honestly feels like BFA was passed between like 10 different teams that didn’t communicate with one another at all, who knows where the QA testers were in all this…

Nothing seems like it was designed in a manner that would work with anything else let alone itself or the base of the game.

What happened? It was starting to look up and then the corrupted gear comes out and everything is thrown out of whack again.

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Funny isn’t it?
Here now you blame blizzard and say how bad Bfa is but in other posts you deffend bfa like Its Lady that needs to be saved.

and what particular post are you referring to?

Example the end of 8.3 cinematics. Deffending.
But nvm.

I don’t believe ive ever said anything about the cinematic, considering i’ve never seen it.

I generally think BfA is an all-around decent expansion. It has its ups and downs, like any expansion, but I don’t think any shortcomings shine through to the degree that it reveals something about the development or production side of it.

Blizzard does have overlapping “teams”.
They have one team that’s dedicated to work on content patches, so that’s how they manage to go from one patch release and straight into the PTR for the next one.

Beyond that, the actual design of the game is fairly consistent throughout the patches. I think the only design overhauls Blizzard have done in BfA has been in regards to the Azerite Armor and the Titanforging/Corruption system. That’s actually an unprecedented small amount of re-design during a current expansion. I mean, Blizzard will usually revamp at least a class spec or two. :yum:

So from a sheer development and production point of view, I think BfA has probably been a very smooth project. It’s really only the Azerite Armor system that has been a noticeable bump in the road, I think.

By multiple teams… if you mean several teams making the same type of content reporting to a single release QA, I doubt it. I would guess at each different department for the game - art, audio, etc - would have their own QA before sending their work to a final QA to see how it all meshes together.

when you have corrupted gear rolling 1200haste for 4 seconds vs infinite stars, i think theres alot more bumps than you might think

To my awareness, then Blizzard have made (and likely will continue to make) some balance adjustments to the Corruption effects.

Again, this is really not out of the ordinary. Any new game system tends to be rough on the edges initially, and then the balance adjustments come after its been in the hands of the Live playerbase for a while. That held true for Legion legendaries, Netherlight Crucible, Azerite traits, and the current Corruption effects. It will always be that way and it’s hardly a big deal. I mean, patch 8.3 will be around for upwards of a whole year. Big whoop-de-doo if it’s slightly imbalanced during the first week or two.

I think it was a students go wild project :rofl: