Was honor gained reduced?

Farming random BGs on my alt to gear fast, but unlike on my main warrior the honor i gain for wins isnt nowhere near this time.

I used to get about 700 per win which seems pretty alright considering how much of that you gotta farm to even enter arena. But today only around 200-300 per win??? WTF? thats not even close to enough for gearing. specialy half season in when there is no form of catching up fast …

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The funniest part is, it says 8 conquest rewarded for a win in random bg.




A random BG, apart from the daily, never gave you 700? And even epics need quite some kills to up the rewards afaik.

Afaik they only reduced the honor gained pre-60 by 30%.

Yea well, non-rated content shouldn’t really be a main source for conq should it?

Ofcourse it should.

I am doing PvP so i should get some resources to obtain pvp gear without having to spam rated content.

At itemlvl 190 I dont get invited for content anyways, and geared enemies will 1 shot me with a majority of their openers.

you are right about that, but since this expa is absolut slowest gear farm ever and they are trying to pull more ppl into bgs. Maybe increase the BG rewards double as catchup, and same go for arena.

Takes forever fillin up that cap bar with honor gear only, so maybe some conquest from bgs could help ppl feel more able-…

What you say sounds bad but you are absolutly right. You enter arena at full honor gear of 197 item level and get smacked around by 226 players who just sell boosts.

This system made it harder for all players to push their rating on alt playin PVP only. I myself like to play around 2200 most of expansions without any high problems.

This expansion I started to play very late, and as Warrior was always my main, seems kinda chunky meeting only higher geared players or gladiators with low gear and having aids time pushing to 1800 just cause the gear diff is absolutly messed up.

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That’s more due to the ilvl- and power gap than the currency not being granted that much in unrated content. I am all for better gearing for the non-high rated players (like me) but much more conquest from unrated bgs? I don’t think that is the way to go.

Mwa, as long as the unranked gear is 200 it won’t help much anyways. 200 instead of 197 won’t do much against 215+ players.

I’d say that honor gear should start at like rank 4-5/7. 197 is pretty much the bare minimum by now. Having to upgrade all the way from 151(ish?) is half of the problem.

The other Conquest problem wouldn’t be such a big deal if the power-gap wasn’t that big. Since I think the current catch-up is not thát bad, we actually are able to get all the conquest from the entire season - that is a big step forward compared to earlier expansions (pre-BFA). However, even if you get full 200 or 207 gear, you still get slaughtered.

Thát is a problem they should fix. Make Honor gear viable again by reducing the gap in power (and/or ilvl).


item gap from low 60 gear to top is way to high.

Only reason is so we got some “content” to do.


Agree, like the item level diff should be at least half that big. I d say normal dung 150, heroic 155 and mythic 160 or something that super low.

In general something similar in PVP, but I am for removing the gear upgrading from PVP completly and getting back to old ways like panda/WoD

Those times, perfection …

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honor depends what you do in bgs, if you are defending whole bg with no fights you get less honor, if you are active in taking and deal dmg you get full honor.

heroic 171
mythic 174
mythic 2-5 177
Mythic 6-10 181
Mythic 11-14 184
Mythic 15 187
Normal CN 181
Heroic CN 187
Mythic CN 194

Weekly chest 190

Unranded 171
1400 174
1600 177
1800 181
2100 184
2400 187

Something like that.

The funniest part is, it says 8 conquest rewarded for a win in random bg.

cq from daily wins aint sufficient?

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