Was there another MMR boost?

last night I ended up 200 MMR higher than where I’ve been dumping around for a while. looked a bit weird to me. anyone else?

You’ve simply improved.
Congratulations. You’re amazing.

that was a very necessary comment to a genuine question. you don’t improve by 200 Mme overnight, which is why I’m asking

Muscles grow during your sleep. Maybe your brain does too?!

Maybe you got a good session, to me I didn’t find anything special to my mmr.

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thank you for the first actual answer

actually didn’t face a single outlaw so it was enjoyable alright

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I’ve seen a lot of people who believed they had improved more than what they actually had
I’ve seen quite a few who claimed to straight up deserve a higher spot on the ladder, but their already developed skill was held back by inconvenient reasons
But I’ve yet to see one who’s in full denial that they’ve most likely just improved and climbed as a result. System has to be rigged if Khrylx is climbing the ladder.


So you mean you played it up 200 mmr, you weren’t 200 mmr higher from the start? Then what’s up with the question in the first place?

because I’ve been stuck around 2100 for the last 2 weeks and then I get to 2,3 MMR in one session, seems a bit weird no?

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Better gear on either u or ur partner, or doing something better, or getting lucky with the matchmaking (you did say you didn’t face any outlaw after all), or if you don’t play with the same partner then perhaps u played with a better partner, or the opponents you faced aren’t good at playing vs. whatever hunter spec you play, and so on.

Lots of possible reasons. More than what I mentioned. But these are a bit more likely than a ladder-wide massive rating-injection.

it happened once this season so I didn’t consider it unlikely. but okay, everything as is I guess

You’d see such injections affect a lot more people, a quick look on the ladder can tell you if there’s been a change.

I played some 10 games at 1950 last night, still feels like 2.4k from last seasons… last mmr boost was an obvious easier feel and gaining some 100mmr without any issue, havnt experience this now.

Then again we only met outlaw/rduid…

Happened to me as well like a month ago, we randomly q’ed with a friend she was 2k1 and me 1950 and we went to 2k4 mmr pretty chill and we did like 30 games 25 win.(never had a 70% w/l ratio before at that cr xD)

Idk that was so weird, and the day after horribly hard on our alt to like 1k9 to push 2k1, only cancer comp and rough to win for no real reasons.

I also pushed around 200 cr today, might have been an mmr boost

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