Watch Associate Game Director Morgan Day’s Interview on Warcraft Radio

Watch Associate Game Director Morgan Day’s Interview on Warcraft Radio

The Race to World first in the Sepulcher of the First Ones has come and gone, and Associate Game Director Morgan Day shared his thoughts on the race and many other topics with Athalus of Warcraft Radio.

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A bit of an old news

I’ll do it for you.

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Would be great to hear when they will fix bugs in 9.2 which have been here since 9.0.


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They should be designing the game around the enjoyment of the majority of the playabase and how they play the game, rather than a few WoW Junkies in the top guilds.

The Race to World first has reached a point where it is holding the game back, more than making it great.

I have no interest in listening to how this man destroys World of Warcraft.


Never heard about this guy “morgan day”

All of their games have this crap now .ow,cod ,wow .

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I understand why they would do it in a PVP game like OW or COD. But Raiding is a PVE experience, and all they are doing is making it less and less accessible to the average player a with each Tier that comes out, because they want to make it harder for a few people who want to rush through all the content on the first week.

what a fake marketing smile. i cant :rofl:

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The ability to work from home has allowed the team to address raid issues faster than in the past.

Oh yeah you really adressed those issues in record time. Shame the same can’t be said for all the other issues outside of the raid :unamused:

Also the whole

The plan for Shadowlands was always to have 3 raids.

That’s just hard to believe…

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it doesnot work in pvp game even .your 90% player base isnt overwatch league players .ignoring them and only feeding 10% is as dumb .

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but in your avatar you are smiling .is that real smile ? :thinking:

pixels arent real

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