Watch the WoW Q&A at BlizzConline Today at 20:00 GMT / 21:00 CET

We’re getting underway here in about 30 minutes:

Six of the WoW Development Team leads are ready to answer your questions, with host Scott Johnson.

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Vulrin and Ceressa and Radium you are famous now pog!


No single interesting answear. Worst Blizzcon even Diablo Immortal annoucment was better show.

I’m famous!

Sadly the answer was disappointing. Sorry Alliance players, I tried :frowning:

Thanks to your massive voting of my comment, we at least brought this issue into discussion. We can only hope they will do something for Alliance soon.


lip smacking

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Judging by that last comment from Ion it looks like cross faction M+ and Raiding might not be an impossible dream

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So I’m not the only one going crazy with the lip sounds :rofl:

Limit Max pointed it out (watching via his stream) and it is all I can hear now (though it seems to have stopped. )

Dream? That’s a nightmare, the game will likely be f2p and pay to win if / when that happens. Allowing cross-faction raiding would truly be a sign of this games inevitable death.

Or, alternatively, the only to do anything about the current faction imbalance when it comes to M+ and Raid participation.

The quality of the questions they pick to answer as usual is terrible, we are just missing a pet battle one for the full set.

If you truly think that’s the only thing that could be done, you haven’t given it any thought whatsoever. Sorry to be so blunt. Allowing cross-faction raiding and m+'ing would be like rewriting Lord of the rings to have Aragorn be friends with Uruk-hai and Gandalf joining forces with Saruman…

Oh please, we have our faction leaders prancing around all the time or whenever it suits them.

Yes, so make an existing problem a billion times worse, just give up and lie down. Great.

I have been reading a lot of the posts on faction imbalance and so far I haven’t seen any other workable solutions

Maybe you take the factions way too serious.

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I’ll give you an obvious one: remove mercenary mode. Took me 5 seconds to come up with.

No nightborne customisation then :slightly_frowning_face:

Yes, realising that the two factions are the absolute building blocks of this game and it’s entire universe is “taking them too seriously”. Got it.


is trash

kill it with fire.