We all know that CATA CLASSIC is coming@Blizzcon - What changes do we want to see?

Cata Classic is basically a given despite a toxic minority crying about it. They would be dumb not to do what the majority wants (and earn a ton of $$$ with it).

Now the real question: What changes do you want to see? Faster endgame content from the getgo? Nerfed endgame dungeons? Some later patch quality of life of changes (see Paladin holy power)?

can you link the poll where you established this ?


exactly cata is not all bad what classic andys are trying to tell you, peak pvp,firelands, and hopefully prenerf HC inis are the good thing about cataclysm. however i’m not much interested in cata i would prefer pandaria or legion these 2 are actual good expansions

What does Cata Classic have to do with Classic Era? Should’nt this be in the Wrath (progression server) forum?


What I want they are unable provide.
They have proven that time and time again over these last four years.
On their part It has been nothing but abject failure from start to finish.

So now all I want from them is the skulls of the development team.
Rinsed and cleaned so I may fashion a chair out of them.
As they are clearly not using those heads for anything at all;
I do not think this is an unreasonable request.

Well i think Blizzard should legalise bot usage. So they shouldnt act like they care about bots. Since acting is a hard work it will be better for Blizzard @ cata.

Nice bait.

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