We Meet At Lights Hope Bugged?

After (almost) completing the questline for Retrebution paladin, i fly from Hopes End, back to The Sanctum of Light. But apparently, I didn’t get the very last quest, so that I can end the questline. Am I just stuck with never ending my paladin class hall, oris there anything to do

Quest name: We Meet at Lights Hope (the quest i didnt get)
Issue: Quest now active/not possible to get to npc which has the quest

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Hey there Holywiez!

We can’t check your character quests via Forums, so I am afraid we can’t give you any specific guidance, but considering your description of the problem I think there may be just a bit of confusion.

We Meet at Lights Hope” is not the end of a questline, but one of the first quests of the Paladin class hall campaign. The quest also is not offered in the Sanctum of light, but in Dalaran directly by Lord Maxwell Tyrosus.

My suggestion to start would be to double check the class hall campaign quests via the link above, and make sure that you have actually completed all the pre-requisites for We Meet at Light’s Hope, and double check if you have any class hall quest available in Dalaran.

If you are sure you have all the requirements for the quest though, please open up a ticket to our GMs, and they’ll do their best to look into this for you as quicklky as possible ^^

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I have searched dalaran, both places where he should be, and the rest of dalaran too, but he is nowhere to be found. He is actually in the sanctum of light, without any quests to offer. I have completed the quest prior to “we meet at lights hope” the quest “The search for the highlord” but I don’t have an option for progression. I have opened a ticket :slight_smile: